BRO Review

BRO Review
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Director: Karthik Thupurani
Producer: JR.Ravichand
Release Date: Fri 26th Nov 2021
Actors: Naveen Chandra
BRO Rating: 2.5 / 5
BRO Punchline: BRO elevates brother-sister bonding. still Oh No!

Whats' Behind

Naveen Chandra, Avika Gor's upcoming film titled interestingly as BRO attracted the attention of all with their unique promotions. The film directed by Karthik Thupurani is streaming on Sony Liv. Let us see what BRO offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Since childhood Madhav (Naveen Chandra) loves his little sister Subhadra aka Subbu (Avika Gor) a lot. However, circumstances force him to stay away from her in Dubai. Where this leads to and whether his relationship with his sister will be the same when he returns after many years, how his childhood love Radha (Sanjana Sarathy) and Subbu's love Savyasachi (Sai Ronak) are connected should be found out on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Karthik Thupurani decided to highlight the brother-sister relation in a novel manner and in order to do so, he drew inspiration from Malayalam film Koode by Anjali Menon and is the remake of the Marathi film Happy Journey. Tollywood filmmakers touched upon brother-sister relationships many times and so coming to the story, offers nothing new.

However, Karthik Thupurani decided to balance the brother-sister sentiment blending them with good entertaining elements. Though the film boils down to fulfilling the last death wish, it doesn't turn melodramatic. But for all his hard work, he underplayed the emotions and the fantasy element did not connect chords with the viewers. The writing failed and he should have concentrated on elevating the emotions to another level.

Repetitive scenes creep in after an interesting start and the director loses track deviating from the main plot. He overdid by comparing Naveen Chandra to Krishna and lifting the problems of his family like Krishna lifting Govardhanagiri. Romantic elements are not elevated either in the case of Naveen Chandra and Sanjana or Avika Gor and Sai Ronak.

Naveen Chandra performed well in the emotional role. He showed variations as a youngster who loves football, who misses his sister dearly, works hard for his family, and then suffers the shocking loss. Avika Gor performed the role of Naveen Chandra's sister in a bubbly and lively manner. She attracted with her cute expressions.

Sanjana Sarathy and Sai Ronak got good roles to showcase their performances but they at times did well and at times faultered. Devi Prasad, Srilakshmi, and others performed according to their roles. Sekhar Chandra's music is good and soulful and the background score is in sync with the storyline. His background score gave a good feel to the viewers. Azeez Mohamad with his cinematography captured the scenic locations of Araku in an appealing manner. Viplav Nyshadham's editing could have been better are there are many repetitive scenes that dragged the film.


Naveen Chandra, Avika Gor

Brother-Sisiter bonding



Slow pace

Repetitive scenes

Rating Analysis

Karthik Thupurani on debut dared to be different and decided to highlight the brother-sister bonding in a romantic entertainer. He tried to rehash the Marathi and Malayalam films but despite his best efforts, he failed to take the brother-sister emotions to another level to connect chords with the viewers. He failed to do the same with the romantic elements. Thus it turned half-baked and as the story is routine, except for a few scenes and climax, Karthik couldn't propel Bro-to another level with his screenplay and direction. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating, BRO.


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