Brandy Diaries Review

Brandy Diaries Review
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Director: Sivudu
Producer: Srikanth Lella
Release Date: Fri 13th Aug 2021
Actors: Garuda Sekhar
Brandy Diaries Rating: 1.5 / 5
Brandy Diaries Punchline: Lousy Diaries

What's Behind

Garuda Sekhar, Sunitha Sadguru's Brandy Diaries directed by Sivudu hit the screens today in a grand manner. The film generated interest with the unique and crazy title. Let us see what Brandy Diaries offered to movie lovers in the theatres.

Story Review

Srinu (Garuda Sekhar) gets immensely inspired by his father who is a farmer when he talks about others' achievements greatly. Srinu tries to emulate them and in the process achieves success. He prepares for Civils in Hyderabad and twice he fails to clear the final round.

Srinu during his second attempt suffers a love failure with Madhu and loses his focus. However, he clears JRF and decides to do a Ph.D. in Guntur to forget his love breakup. There he meets four people Varma, Koti, Johnson, and Sekhar. All of them have their own problems and to forget their sufferings they drink rigorously.

Srinu meets Bhavya (Sunitha Sadguru), a relative of his guide, and starts helping her prepare for civils. Bhavya hates smoking and drinking and she tries to reform Srinu. Srinu however has a roller coaster ride with Bhavya influenced by his friends. Where all this leads forms the rest of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Shivudu tried to highlight various emotions that surface based on the relationships and how this makes people become addicted to drinking and spoil their lives. Though he chose a novel concept, he failed to narrate it in an effective and forceful manner. In the process of highlighting the oscillating minds of the drunkards, he ended up repeating many scenes which in turn resulted in testing the patience of the viewers. A couple of dialogues are effective and impactful. Garuda Sekhar performed his role well showcasing various emotions. Sunitha Sadguru did her role well. All the actors who played the roles of Srinu's friends slipped into the roles effectively.

Easwaran Thangavel's cinematography is ok and so too is Prakash Rex's music. A couple of songs are melodious and BGM is ok. Editing of Yoga Srinivasan left a lot to be desired. There are many drags in the film, repetitive scenes which slowed the pace testing the patience of the viewers. However, he couldn't be faulted as the story is weak and any scrapping of scenes will leave no output at all. Production values are ok.



Few dialogues



Repetitive scenes



Rating Analysis

Brandy Diaries' title attracts many youngsters and masses. However, once they enter the theatres, they will be in for immense torture with repetitive scenes and relentless and unending emotions. The lack of commercial elements puts off the viewers. Shivudu should have worked on the story before proceeding ahead with the project. He failed completely with his story, screenplay, and direction. Considering all these above points, CJ goes with a 1.5 rating to Brandy Diaries.


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