Brand Babu Review

Brand Babu Review
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Director: Prabhakar
Producer: Shailendra Babu
Release Date: Fri 03rd Aug 2018
Actors: Sumanth Shailendra
Brand Babu Rating: 2.25 / 5
Brand Babu Punchline: Second Hand Bazaar Cinema

Brand Babu Review, What’s Behind:

Popular TV personality Prabhakar made debacle debut as film director with Next Nuvve. Brand Babu is his second directorial for which story is penned by renowned Maruthi. Producer Shailendra Babu’s son Sumanth is debuting in Telugu with this film that has Eesha Rebba in female lead. Let’s see whether Brand Babu will provide first break for the trio... Prabhakar, Sumanth and Eesha.

Brand Babu Story Review:

Ratnam (Murali Sharma), a big shot in market makes sure that his family leads a filthy rich life. He doesn’t allow any of his family members wearing unbranded apparel. His only son Diamond (Sumanth) strictly follows father’s instructions and maintains a wealthy social status. In the process of searching for right bride who too should be a brand lover like him, Ratnam falls for Home Minister’s daughter (Poojitha Ponnada). However, Radha (Eesha Rebba) working as maid at Home Minister’s house is mistakenly put to marriage proposal through a video by Ratnam family and on engagement day, Ratnam’s family is shocked to see Radha in the place of Home's daughter. Where this triangular love story ends form crux of the story. 

Brand Babu Artists, Technicians Review:

Prabhakar is a popular TV actor and small screen director failing to make mark as big screen director. Thanks to his poor subject selection and in fact his directorial skills are proven insuffice to deal a feature film with Next Nuvve. In fresh, Brand Babu is made with an outdated story and screenplay too is tad slow. He showed the same traits of Next Nuvve thus resulting in a lackluster product which neither offered fun nor romance. 

Palani Karthik’s cinematography stands out as one of the major attractions while JB composed audio tracks are pretty ordinary, background score is mediocre. SB Uddhav’s editing is sharp yet included many unnecessary scenes. Lastly, production values are neat.

About performances, Sumanth Shailendra is handsome at looks and there is a definite ease. Though, this is his first film in Telugu, he worked in few Kannada films earlier which helped here. He suited the character to  tee. Eeshaa is completely a bore in the role of maid. Poojitha Ponnada looked gorgeous as home minister’s daughter. Murali Sharma is definitely the show stealer. He indeed represented the rich man in society, their indifferent behaviour in public so convincingly. Raja Ravindra is again a bad choice. Nalla Venu, Sai Kumar duo provided some laughs. Other artists are just acceptable.

Brand Babu Review Advantages:

Bits n Pieces Fun

Brand Babu Review Drawbacks:

Age Old Story

Serial Treatment



Illogical Treatment

Brand Babu Review Rating Analysis:

Confusion comedy works works when there is an engaging screenplay. This is where, Brand Babu lost his spine. While protagonists in Maruthi's previous films have different disorders like... Nani short term memory loss in Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Sharwanand OCD in Mahanubhavudu, in BB it's Sumanth Shailendra has a problem of disliking unbranded items. BBM and Mahanubhavudu worked well because of hilarious writing wherein Brand Babu can hardly be called writing. Though subject has little and known scope to generate comedy, pathetic writing and poor execution played spoilsport.

Brand Babu begins with Maruthi’s voiceover elaborating Sumanth childhood thus laying foundation for this characterization to run the upcoming story. Murali Sharma makes him a brand addicted to brands. These episodes are totally unrealistic, unexciting. Well, Murali Sharma performing his mother’s last rites is best part overall demonstrating the typical mindset of wealthy heads. Introduction of Eesha as maid, treated as Home's family member is purely a silly  stuff. After a small confusion, the triangular love story ran between Sumanth, Eesha and Poojitha is a futile exercise. An intolerant at unbranded items selling ice creams to win his love is a sample of Maruthi's outdated thinking. Marriage proposal episode reminds us of Gali Janardhan Reddy family wedding invitation video. Steadily, BB heads towards interval with a twist Sumanth realizing Eesha's real identity.

Things won’t change much in second half. Sumanth sharing food items with Eesha even after being aware of her true identity continues to add Maruthi's touch with Prabhakar's classical narrative. Follow up episodes of workers union boycotting Murali Sharma’s family are superbly irksome. TV show debate, hide and seek play in Murali Sharma’s house, press meet scene... unlimited agony for viewers. Hospital track forcibly inserted to bring sympathy on Eesha and a pre-climax action is a failure gimmick to elevate hero's character. Murali Sharma and family realizing their mistakes is a big relief for patrons.

All in all, Brand Babu turned out to be a second hand bazaar quality product. Neither writing nor direction nor the technical team, except for cinematography... everyone tried their best to give worse. CJ goes with 2.25 star rating and the film has meager chances to pickup the box office heat.


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