Brahmotsavam Review

Brahmotsavam Review
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Brahmotsavam Review, What's Behind: Having invigorated with the blockbuster success of Srimanthudu after two back to back lacklusters 1 and Aagadu, Prince Mahesh has again opted for a full-fledged family entertainer Brahmotsavam. He worked under the specialist of family entertainers, Srikanth Addala. Gorgeous divas Kajal, Samantha and Pranitha have done female lead roles. Micky J Meyer has composed the tunes. Srikanth Addala has wielded megaphone under PVP Cinema. Lets get to know what is there in the movie.

Brahmotsavam Story: Mahesh is a son of Chantibabu (Satyaraj). He is handsome, simple, cool and not a deep thinker for any complex situation faced by him. His is a joint family having four uncles, aunts and their children. Chantibabu is one such a great personality, who sees only good in all the fellow beings. He loves to live with all the family members in a joint family. He craves for the unity among his family members. In the meanwhile, Mahesh has love at first sight with an NRI Kajal. Although she woos Mahesh, she doesnt wish to stay in a joint family. Subsequently, there is a break up. However, Samantha replaces her soon. She comes close to the heart of Mahesh, as she is also fond of living in a joint family. Mahesh has also a sister-in-law, Pranitha but has not much interaction with her. And here comes a peculiar character Rao Ramesh, the father of Pranitha. He has an attitude problem and feels inferiority complex in every situation. Unfortunately, he gets separated from the joint family and eventually theres death of Chantibabu. And now it is upto Mahesh to resolve the issues.  He also takes up one more important task of searching for his roots. He along with Samantha visits many cities across India such as Haridwar, Kasi, Pune, Sholapur, Nagpur, Lucknow and so on. He happens to come across his relatives, Sharanya, Vennela Kishore, Nasser during his tour. And what will he achieve for his thirst of knowing the whereabouts of his roots? Will Rao Ramesh again join the family? What sacrifice is done by Chantibabu for Rao Ramesh? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Brahmotsavam Artists and Technicians: Maheshs performance is as usually at top notch with his unique style. He was jovial and playful sometimes while he was highly emotive at crucial times. He was virtuoso at performance during his fathers death scene and in climax scene. However, his character building was perplexing in designing romantic chemistry with both the heroines. He seems to have shown no regrets for breaking up with Kajal and takes no time in loving another girl, Samantha. In fact, his first meet with Kajal was quite unconvincing and a bit awkward. His dances in songs Balatripura Mani and Vachindhi kadhaa were badly composed by the choreographers. Some of the steps remembered Superstar Krishnas dancing steps from old movies. In a broader sense, Mahesh seems to have done no job except to entertain numerous women shown in the film. Of course, he has a colours factory in the film.

Kajal and Samantha have contrasting attitudes. Yet, both of them appear ultra modern in styling with their attires. Director seems to have bewildered in carving out proper character sketch of Kajal. Maheshs lip-locks with both the heroines raise the hormonal levels among the youth. Rao Ramesh was offered excellent roles in Srikanth Addalas pervioius films Mukunda and Kotha Bangaru Lokam Rao Ramesh has again come up with a terrific performance in Brahmotsavam. In two or three scenes in the first half, he dominated other cast with his mesmerizing and hair raising performance. Satyaraj, who looks serene, acts as a peacemonger and dies for unity among the family members. Jayasudha, Revathi, Naresh, Tanikella Bharani and others have done their jobs well. 

Music by Mickey J Meyer was mediocre. Vachindhi kadha and Nayudorintikada were shot well. BGM was okay. Rathnavelus cinematography was good. Ooty, Haridwar and Kashi etc. were shown in different angles by him. Camera work was brilliant when Mahesh and Samantha interacted with each other laying on the floor in a huge building. Editing department has tried their best to make the movie well understood by audience but in vain. However, this wafer-thin story line has very dull screen play and tonnes of tolerance is needed to watch some of the scenes in second half. Srikanth Addala has been succeeded in showing numerous actors in every frame of the film. Nonetheless, the director failed to engender the interest and curiosity among the audience on the substance and the story. What he achieved delivering this stuff is that he conveyed a message of importance of a joint family and the pleasures and cheerfulness are the essences to be felt.

Brahmotsavam Rating Analysis: Brahmotsavam is basically a movie for families which is filled with a couple of joyful moments among family members at intervals. The first half of the movie was more entertaining with a Sangeet ceremony, lord Srinivasaas marriage fix meets and tickling romance between Mahesh and Kajal. Kajals character and her dialogues appeared to have been copied from the character sketch of Kajol in Bollywoods all time blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Satyaraj and Rao Ramesh were at their best in the first half. Yet again, there was no depth of love track and poor picturiization of songs and dissatisfying interval block scene form a huge let down. One more biggest snag in the first half is that instead of raising a point or a problem, most of the scenes were filled with celebrations among the family members. If the aim of Satyaraj is to get the unity among the family members, hero should have worked on it and should try to make a reunion among all family members including Rao Ramesh. On the contrary, he gets his task deviated in second half and goes to search for his roots. Second half was a huge setback as well and many scenes should have been chopped off. The screen play runs like a tortoise for first 40 minutes in the second half. However, it appears like a visual feast when the hero goes to places to search for his roots. Nevertheless, the characters he comes across during his visits do not ignite any sort of interest. Ironically, when Nasser was saying something about himself, hero and heroine goes to sleep and the situation was the same for the audience in theaters too. The movie, however, picks up momentum to some extent in its pre climax and climax phases. Mahesh and Rao Ramesh shouldered the movie with their expertise and prowess in performances in these phases.

Altogether, Brahmotsavam has conveyed a right message but in a wrong format with a poor screen play and direction. Had more effect been put by the makers to make the product a racy one, the result could have been far better. This movie is recommended strictly for fans and a few family audience who confine themselves watching only family entertainers. 

Brahmotsavam Cinejosh Verdict: Celebration is restricted!

Brahmotsavam Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                               Reviewed by Jagan


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