Boys Hostel Review

Boys Hostel Review
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Director: Nithin Krishnamurthy
Producer: Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, Varun Gowda
Release Date: Sat 26th Aug 2023
Actors: Manjunath Nayaka, Prajwal BP, Srivatsa Shyam, Tejas Jayanna, Shreyas Sharma, Anirudha Vedanthi
Boys Hostel Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Boys Hostel - Hilarious Hostel

Boys Hostel Movie(2023): What's Behind

Sandalwood film Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare is releasing in Telugu as Boys Hostel on 26 Aug 2023. The makers cast Rashmi Gautham and Tharun Bhaskar in cameos and this is exciting for movie lovers. The film's teaser and trailer got good response and let us see what Boys Hostel offered to the viewers. The film's OTT deal is yet to be finalised and streaming will be after the completion of its theatrical release.

Boys Hostel Movie: Story Review

Boys Hostel story is all about the developments in a Boys Hostel in one night and the consequences those involved in it face.A pop culture comedy flick that revolves around one night in a hostel. Ajith (Prajwal BP) dreams of making a short film but his roommates Manja (Srivatsa Shyam), Tejas Jayanna(Prasanna), Kashi (Bharath Vashisht), and Derick (Aniruddha)make fun of him. But the night before the exam, they get a huge shock when they find their hostel warden Ramesh Kumar (Manjunath Nayaka) dead in his room with a suicide note implicating them. Where this leads to and how lecturer Ramya (Rashmi Gautham), Keshava (Abhi Das),Xavier (Gagan Ram), Genie (Nithin Krishnamurthy)  form the rest of the proceedings.

Boys Hostel Movie: Artists Review

While none of the actors are known to Telugu movie lovers, they steal the hearts of all with their impactful and riveting performances. In the remake, the makers included Rashmi Gautham in a cameo and her role added a glamor tinge to the film. She looked hot and impressed with her looks at the right moment. The presence of Rishabh Shetty and Tharun Bhaskar generates interest among movie lovers.

Manjunatha Nayaka performed well in the role of the warden and he surprises all. Prajwal BP,Srivatsa Shyam, Tejas Jayanna, Shreyas Sharma,Anirudha Vedanthi,Abhi Das,Gagan Ram, Rishabh Shetty, Pawan Kumar, Diganth Manchale all came up with realistic and natural performances. Not even for a second, one gets a feeling that they are acting on the screen.

Boys Hostel Movie: Technicians Review

Boys Hostel story readied by Nithin Krishnamurthy is an out-and-out youthful genex hilarious entertainer. Right from the start till the finish, Nithin manages to entertain movie lovers to the maximum. He starts the narration in an interesting way and the twists from there excite all with a reality check. From then on it is a fun-filled ride throughout the first half, with entertaining elements involving the warden and the students. This sets the stage for an even more entertaining second half.

He starts the second half in a similar way. However, director Nithin Krishnamurthy, one feels lost his plot on more than one occasion and this made viewers restless. But Nithin managed to bounce back during those times, including subtle hilarious scenes and interesting twists and turns. The pre-climax and climax, though dragged manage to entertain viewers. The viewers will leave the theatres, extremely happy with the entertaining threat they got from the Boys Hostel.

Nithin impressed all with his taking and his creativity in screenplay played an important role. He did not stick to a particular genre of storytelling and his open-minded approach helped him to create magic on screen. Except for a few drags and a couple of repetitive scenes, Nithin doled out a complete genext youthful entertainer.

Ajaneesh Lokanath came up with foot tapping fast beat songs that will drive youngsters and youth crazy. The songs are well-shot and choreographed in a good way. BGM is good and in sync with the story. Arvind Kashyap's cinematography captured the hostel life in a natural and realistic manner. The hostel atmosphere is well depicted on the screen with the shelf of camera angles. Dialogues are youthful, witty and are fulfilled, and entertaining. The spontaneous dialogues resulted in getting the desired effect from the movie lovers.

Suresh Sankalan's editing is good in the first half. But in the second half, repetitive scenes crept in resulting in drags that affected the film's final output. But director Nithin made up for it by managing to add hilarious scenes quickly to it. Production values are good.

Boys Hostel Movie: Advantages

  • Hilarious Scenes
  • Performances
  • Story
  • Screenplay, Direction

Boys Hostel Movie: Disadvantages

  • Repetitive Scenes
  • Drags in the second half

Boys Hostel Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Boys Hostel is a genex hilarious entertainer. Nithin Krishnamurthy's story is exciting and entertaining and till the half of the film, no one knows the real twist. Generally, many directors lose the plot after the revelation of the twist, but he manage to maintain the same tempo throughout the film. Dialouges are natural and realistic and he got the optimum out of the cast and crew. His screenplay and direction is good and with the novel and strong script, he entertained each and every one. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 2.75 rating for Boys Hostel.

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