Bodyguard Movie Review

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Bodyguard Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bodyguard: Victory Venkatesh is known for family entertainers has come after a good gap with this flick directed by Gopichand Malineni. Popular Producer Bellamkonda Suresh making the film with added attractions in the form of Trisha, Saloni and a proven script in hands; let us see how far Venky succeeded in taking the Sankranti guard?

In the Movie Bodyguard: Movie begins with childhood of Venkatadri and his family saved from an accident by Varada Rajulu Naidu (Prakashraj). From that moment, Venkatadri (Venkatesh) develops great respect for Varada Rajulu and grows up to become a tough Bodyguard in their uncle (Tanikella)’s Tiger Security Company. To teach good morals in leading a quality life, uncle sends Venkatadri as Government appointed Bodyguard to the family of Varada Rajulu and his daughter Keerthi (Trisha) who have threat from rival group of Siva Reddy (Kota) in the town of Jammala Madugu.

Venkatadri even accompanies Keerthi (Trisha) and her friend Swathi (Saloni) to the college for security reasons. Being a sincere officer, his tight security measures irritate Keerthi. In order to divert from duties, she calls Venkatadri from a private phone number and makes him fall in love. The plan which starts off as a casual laughter turns very serious and both develop affection towards each other. By the time Keerthi falls totally flat for Venkatadri, her marriage comes on cards with Bava (Subba Raju). 

How did rival group of Siva Reddy react and what kind of twist did Venkatadri, Keerthi and Swathi get in their lives when Varada Rajulu Naidu gets aware of entire story, form the rest.

Values of the Movie Bodyguard: Same story penned by Siddique had a super hit run in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Now, when it comes to Telugu…director Gopichand has necessarily made enough changes to suit the style of Venkatesh. Yet, sincerely speaking film troubles you with slow and boring narration many a times. Script should have been still stiffer in order not to leave any setback in storytelling. Direction wise, Gopichand has shown the mark in dealing with comedy, action, mass elements and to some extent in running the drama. Editing by Goutham Raju should have been better in second half. Cinematography of Sam K Naidu is glittery. Music by Thaman is good both for songs and background. Dialogues by Kona Venkat are partially best. Production values of Bellamkonda are flawless.

Performance wise, Venkatesh is extra ordinary and not an exaggeration that he was best among all the Bodyguards released till now. His change over from strict, professional bodyguard to a dedicated lover is awesome. There are numerous situations where his brand mannerisms are highlighted to bring cheers on the faces of Fans. Trisha is fine showing a strong control. Saloni too did her job. Prakashraj is regular while Kota, Subba Raju, Shravan are brief. Comedy by Ali as Bapatla, Jayaprakash Reddy as College Principal, Venu Madhav as student Cash Reddy and Dharmavarapu worked well.    

Out of the Movie Bodyguard: Best quality of director Gopichand that made this film a true family entertainer is balance in composition of comedy, action in first half and drama, sentiment in second half although there is slight a bit of lag in narration. Climax has been dealt typically without missing the basic essence present in original script of Siddique. 

Undoubtedly strength of Venkatesh lies in families and ladies. This is the area where Bellamkonda has targeted the film and ‘Bodyguard’ might attract the needful attention from this section of audience. A crisp editing in second half could have got still more a better product. Twisty climax is the very lifeline and strong point of film. Thanks that Gopichand hasn’t experimented anything out of the box. More than all, he has well utilized the presence of lead artists Venkatesh and Trisha who delivered fine performances. If you are looking for a formula based, well composed family movie for Sankranti this film would definitely cater you. Commercially ‘Bodyguard’ might have a safe run at BO without any hiccups.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Film Bodyguard: Entertainer Targeted at Families.

                                                                                                           -Reviewed by Srivaas


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