Bluff Master Review

Bluff Master Review
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Director: Gopi Ganesh Pattabi
Producer: Ramesh Pillai
Release Date: Fri 28th Dec 2018
Actors: Satyadev
Bluff Master Rating: 2.50 / 5
Bluff Master Punchline: Acceptable Remake

Bluff Master Review, What’s Behind?

Very much talented Satyadev is testing his luck as protagonist with Bluff Master which is remake of Tamil sleeper hit Sathuranga Vettai. In fact, promotional content was promising and has generated interest on the project. Being in production and post production from long, will this be a breakthrough project, let’s discuss in review part.

Bluff Master Story Review:

Uttam Kumar (Satyadev), a conman has many names. He along with a gang plots inventive tricks to fraud the greedy people. When arrested by cops in a cheating case, Uttam flies out easily but he being a popular figure is chased everywhere by victims. Changing the life style after saved from a dire situation by one of his old employees (Nandita Swetha), soon Uttam marries her and leads happy life in Karnataka. But, he is forced to a plot for 100 Cr scam. What is the trick Uttam played now?

Bluff Master Artists, Technicians Review:

Remaking hit movies is a risky business because movie buffs easily end up comparing them with original. While there are obvious benefits in retelling an old story with a proven box office verdict, there’s no guarantee of success of treatment goes wrong. Makers aiming such scripts must strike a tricky balance wherein they need to try fresh a new spin on the source material without deviating too much from the original flavour. Likewise, director Gopi Ganesh Pattabi cleverly did not make many changes to the original script and rightly used all the resources at disposal. He handpicked appropriate actors, locations and technicians to bring fresh feel to narrative. He smartly spent the budget provided keeping the things on go. Dialogues by Pulagam Chinnarayana are preachy and striking at times. He did a fabulous job in bringing the best of timing and throw in Satyadev's forte. Cinematography is neat and background score is enchanting while couple of songs are pleasing. Production values from Shivalenka Krishna Prasad are good.

Onto artists, Satyadev is one of the biggest assets. He played the role effortlessly though it may appear over-acting in few scenes.His dialogue delivery, body language and attitude are apt for the character.. Though proved his acting prowess with previous films, this performance in Bluff Master might lift his career. Nandita Swetha is decent as innocent lady who admires Satyadev. Brahmaji was funny at times and Prithviraj acceptable. Shiju was good in his role and others played their parts.

Bluff Master Review Advantages:





Bluff Master Review Drawbacks:

Few Boring Episodes

Second Half

Missing Logics

Romantic Track

Bluff Master Review, Rating Analysis:

Sathuranga Vettai released four years back. Even if you watch the film now, you won’t be bored since the subject has such magical moments. In fact, this is the reason why viewers still enjoy Bluff Master though if you have already watched the original. Satyadev as a conman is perfect choice and engaged all through with his lively show. Director Gopi Ganesh handled the film proficiently yet he should have made few changes to the script to bring in Telugu elements.

First half starts on interesting note with Satyadev plot on how to swindle a greedy businessman played by Prithviraj by selling ordinary snake claiming it as an exceptional powers to make him rich. His next scheme of promoting a fictional multilevel marketing company was authentic because of credible writing, direction and contemporariness. Courtroom episodes are very funny. Intermission episode brings curiosity as goons kidnap Satyadev.

Second half too begins on appealing manner with Satyadev showing an example to goons on how easy it is to cheat greedy people. Satyadev’s hard times when people easily recognize him wherever he goes are tad slow. Love track and marriage life of Satyadev, Nandita are neither fresh nor exciting. Then, rice pulling episode was thrilling with Satyadev implementing all his powers to deceive a big shot. This is the best part of film. Movie ends on an emotional note with Satyadev taking a contrasting decision.

All in all, Bluff Master is a watchable entertainer because of good humor coupled with some exciting elements. Had director Gopi taken better care on second half and love track, the film would have been a far better entertainer. This movie will surely delight those who haven’t watched Sathuranga Vettai. But, those who had seen original will be left bored. CJ goes with 2.5 stars and budget recovery may not be a big task as the film is made on moderate budget.


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