Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie Review

Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bheemavaram Bullodu: Comedian turned hero Sunil needs a hit desperately has joined with most calculative and minimum guaranteed producer Suresh Babu and director Udaya Shankar. While Anup Rubens added his natural flavor and Ester of ‘1000 Abaddalu’ as heroine, let us see how great is this ‘Bullodu’?

In the Movie Bheemavaram Bullodu: Story starts with the voiceover of Rana explaining the present marriage arrangements of Nandini (Ester) with Samrat (Samrat), who is already in love with Ram Babu (Sunil). To know the past, we need to go into flashback of Rambabu (Sunil), a clean and spotless guy from Bhimaravam in search of a right girl for marriage. Healthy and a fit Ram Babu is diagnosed as brain tumor patient with confusion and mistakenly exchanged medical reports by doctor (Ahuthi Prasad). Unable to see sad faces around, Sunil jumps to Hyderabad with an enlightenment speech of a blood cancer patient (Tanikella). Here Ram Babu decides to lead remaining10 days of life in service and well being of people those in need. 

In first step, Ram Babu comes across Nandini (Ester) chased by villain (Ajaj Khan) group and saves her but fails to express his love. In Hyderabad, Ram Babu gets into rivalry with local rowdies JJ (Jaya Prakash Reddy) and Durga (Supreet). Around the same time when Ram Babu becomes a hidden hero for police (Posani), he gets aware of no such disease like brain tumor. What are rest of struggles to escape from chasing villain groups and how did Ram Babu win his lady love is the rest.

Values of the Movie Bheemavaram Bullodu: Hero Sunil promised the audience to give a pleasant movie watching experience with this film. As promised, he did his best. However, problem was with the story and mess up in treatment. Udaya Shankar followed the only formula of trying to make audience go in splits all the time without throwing an attention on screenplay and story. BB is a story seen innumerable times on Telugu screen and screenplay followed was also outdated. However, even such safe side stories require some kind of a new treatment where Udaya Shankar lost the game. Scene by scene, audience can easily anticipate what is going to happen next thus killing the excitement. In such cases, directors gamble with lot of characters playing around and thus try to reap some comedy using the confusion. Udaya Shankar has done the same here. Santosh Roy’s camerawork is pretty average and Marthand K Venkatesh is also the same. Anup Rubens music isn’t so great. Sreedhar Seepana’s dialogues focused more on rhyming and less on substance. Production values of Suresh Babu are also just average.                

Performance wise Sunil tried his best with his regular slang in dialogue delivery. In action and comedy scenes, he well mixed the mannerisms. Ester is a little plump and was looking apt besides Sunil. Of the rest Supreet, Posani got meaty roles. Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Raghu Babu, Raghu Karumanchi, Telangana Shakuntala, Samrat, Ajaj Khan, Ahuthi Prasad, Satyam Rajesh, Thagubothu Ramesh… there is a big list of artists who struck to their roles.

Out of the Movie Bheemavaram Bullodu: First half of the movie has some meaning and justification to the characterization of Sunil where action and comedy are well amalgamated. In fact, this is something new for Sunil to do comedy while action runs in parallel. Once Sunil gets aware of no death causing disease in him, rest depended on second half with director’s ability to run the show. Entire second half, the scenes are dragged and comedy is forcibly injected. Especially in climax, when all the characters meet at one place, director took enough cinematic liberties following the regular and tested formula. When it comes to closing scenes, we feel of embarrassment on how Suresh Babu and Uday Shankar accepted this way? 

Overall, except Sunil and some fun filled scenes in first half, this is a stale and outdated product with poor healthy entertainment factor.          

Cinejosh Verdict of Bheemavaram Bullodu: Goppagaa Em Ledande… Aaay…

                                                  Cinejsoh Rating: 2.5

                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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