Bhama Kalapam Review

Bhama Kalapam Review
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Director: Abhimanyu Tadimeti
Producer: Sudheer Edara and Bogavalli Bapineedu
Release Date: Fri 11th Feb 2022
Actors: Priyamani
Bhama Kalapam Rating: 2.75 / 5
Bhama Kalapam Punchline: Priyamani, Sharanya's success kalapam.

What's Behind

Priyamani is set to entertain movie lovers with Bhama Kalapam. The film happens to be Priyamani's debut on OTT in the Telugu language. The film's trailer attracted the attention of all. The film directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti is streaming on Aha OTT from February 11. Let us find out how Bahma Kalapam entertained movie lovers.

Story Review

Anupama (Priyamani) lives in an apartment along with her husband Mohan and son Varun. Anupama who runs a food channel on YouTube has millions of followers and she has a typical mindset of a woman who shows interest in knowing the secrets of her neighbors. Anupama can find out the secrets of all her neighbors by just peeping from the window of her flat, then the servant maid Shipa (Sharanya Pradeep) who works in various flats in the apartment.

Her inquisitiveness often lands her in problems and she gets a huge shock when she lands in huge trouble. To find out how Anupama landed in problem and how inspector Lakshmi (Shanti Rao), pastor Daniel ( Kishore Kumar Polimera), and Nayar (John Vijay) are connected with it and what is the connection to it with a missing egg from the Kolkota museum, form the crux of Bhama Kalapam.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Abhimanyu Tademeti attracted the attention of all with the title Bhama Kalapam and the poster increased curiosity among the viewers. The narration starts off in an interesting manner with Priyamani as a housewife showing interest and intervening more than necessary in the lives of others trying to find out the secret of their neighbors. Priyamani's role connected chords instantly with the viewers as the director highlighted the mindset of a typical Indian woman.

The narration slowly takes a thrilling twist in form of a stolen egg and baddies looking in search of it. Director increased curiosity among viewers with the narration and slowly increased the suspense levels with the thrilling elements. Director ensured that the film doesn't completely take a serious path and added subtle hilarious scenes in a realistic manner without forcing any scene which would have hampered the flow of the narration.

The first half ends on an interesting note with Priyamani trying to come out of the problem she plunged into but the harder she tries to come out of it, the deeper she plunges into it. Director showed the investigation part in an interesting manner and though at times, a few scenes looked illogical, since the film is a hilarious thriller, one can ignore them. Director came with an interesting story and though many scenes looked predictable, the suspense element associated with it and kept viewers guessing and managed to shock all with the final twist. Director Abhimanyu attracted with his story and made an impact with his screenplay and direction. Bharat Kamma as a showrunner came with a good concept to entertain viewers.

Priyamani cast a magic spell with her performance as a typical Indian woman and housewife who shows interest in finding out the secrets of her neighbors. She came with good expressions and emotions and with her screen presence elevated the scenes. She looked pretty and beautiful and slipped into the role of a housewife with effortless ease. She is realistic in her portrayal of her character as a housewife who craves attention on her youtube channel.

Sharanya Pradeep performed well as a servant maid Shanti. Her dialogue delivery is good and her Telangana accent is impressive and attractive. She looked natural and realistic as a servant maid and she showed the required fear in her eyes and came with good dialogues. Priyamani and Sharanya Pradeep stole the show with their riveting performances elevating the scenes and carrying the film on their shoulders.

Kishore Kumar Polimera is impressive as a pastor. He came with subtle expressions and emoted well and carried the suspense factor associated with his role to perfection. He played an important role in the film and made a good impact. Shanti Rao did well in the role of inspector Lakshmi. Others performed according to their roles.

Justin Prabhakaran and Mark Robin came with a good background scores. There is one situational song and the background score elevated the scenes. The cinematography of Deepak Kumar is in sync with the storyline. He used the camera angles to good effect to take movie lovers into the story. The editing of Viplav Nyshadham is quite good and could have been done with a few drags. Dialogues are natural and realistic and one should complement the director and the writers for such good work. Production values are good.


Priyamani, Sharanya Pradeep

Story, Screenplay, Direction

Hilarious elements, the Suspense factor




Missing logics

Illogical scenes

Rating Analysis

Priyamani's Bhama Kalapam directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti attracted the attention of all with the teasers and trailers. Director Abhimanyu Tadimeti used the acting prowess of Priyamani to showcase in a completely different style casting a magic spell on movie lovers. Bharat Kamma came with a good concept and Abhimanyu Tadimeti executed it well and using Priyamanti acting talent to the optimum emerged successful in entertaining movie lovers with Bhama Kalapam with hilarious and thrilling elements. Despite a couple of hiccups here and there and a few illogical scenes and missing logic, an interesting story, screenplay, and direction made an impact. Considering all these elements CJ goes with a 2.75 for Bhama Kalapam.


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