Bham Bolenath Review

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Bham Bolenath Review
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Behind the Movie Bham Bolenath: Success of ‘Karthikeya’ made its producer to come up with this film having a bunch of star cast with Navdeep, Naveen Chandra and Pooja Jhaveri in leads. Let us see, how far they did the trick?

In the Movie Bham Bolenath: Story takes off with Krishna (Navdeep), selling a stolen African diamond to Seth Ji (Posani Krishna Murali) in order to settle as a don. With unfortunate IT raid, Seth Ji asks Krishna to run with money. In parallel there is Vishnu (Navdeep), a gem of graduate could not find a job. As Vishnu needs Rs 2 Lakhs for a backdoor entry, he plans to rob an ATM. Meanwhile, there are also drug addicts Rocky (Pradeep Machiraju) and Roshan (Kireeti) in live-in relationship with girlfriends. How all these three parallel stories converge at a point reaching the den of Vasool Raja (Pankaj Kesari)? What is this mess all about? 

Values of the Movie Bham Bolenath: Like many new directors joining the Telugu stream under Hollywood influence, Karthik Varma Dandu is no different. He plays with dark crime comedy mixing romance, heist, drugs and all the urban cinematic ingredients. However, screenplay looked weak spoiling very essence in the trial. Karthik Varma weaved an interesting plot by introducing the characters very neatly building the right tempo. Unluckily, he loses the grip at the penultimate time dragging with unnecessary episodes. Entire second half is a big fuss. Camera work by Bharan K Dharani is too good for a medium budgeted flick. Praveen Pudi editing lacked in much needed sharpness. Writing wise, there was more of realistic flavor. Sai Karthik yet again scores on music front with engrossing BGM. Production values of RCC Entertainments are fine. 

About performances, as there are plenty of artists in centre of screen one may find it difficult to analyze them one by one. Navdeep was decent fitting perfect as jobless frustrated guy. Naveen Chandra did a good job with formidable screen presence. Pooja Jhaveri is cute looking. Praveen, Pradeep Machiraju and Kireeti provided enough of comic relief. Pankaj Kesari, Posani, Fish Venkat have done their bit. 

Out of the Film Bham Bolenath: Like many of modern day cinemas releasing every week, story is wafer thin and there was more of demand to add quality treatment with a tight screenplay. Karthik Varma had set a strong premise to execute bundles of fun with confusion and hurry-burry comedy. Apparently, he was lacking in those pinching surprise elements needed to run the narration. Second half drags and drags to offer a boring experience. Even the climax was not so effective. In difference, interval block was well executed.

Above all these, Karthik Varma showed the promising sense of penning real time characters which we see in our daily life. If comedy and fun based entertainment matters, he needed further an improvement. So, ‘Bham Bolenath’ is a failed attempt from a skillful director. Little more home work could have saved the day. Commercially, the film might end on mediocre result.

Cinejosh Verdict of Bham Bolenath: Wrongly Executed Plan.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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