Bhala Thandanana Review

Bhala Thandanana Review
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Director: Chaitanya Dantuluri
Producer: Rajani Korrapati
Release Date: Fri 06th May 2022
Actors: Sree Vishnu
Bhala Thandanana Rating: 2.5 / 5
Bhala Thandanana Punchline: Misses fresh aura.

What's Behind

Sree Vishnu who is known for different genre entertainers teamed with Chaitanya Dantuluri for Bhala Thandanana. The film's title attracted the attention of all and the promos increased the curiosity levels. The film hit the screens on May 6, 2022, and let us see what impact it made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Sasirekha (Catherine Tresa) is a crime reporter for Pratibha.Com. She tries to unearth various crime mysteries and in the meantime, the city is gripped with mysterious murders. As she is investigating she suspects a fraud at Dayamaam Orphanage run by Dayamayam (Posani Krishna Murali) and bumps up on Chandrasekhar (Sree Vishnu), an accountant at the orphanage. Sasirekha gets impressed with Chandrasekhar's innocence but in between mysterious murders, the shocking twist is when Chandrasekhar gets kidnapped. To find out where this leads to and what it the connection to Anand Bali (Ramachandra Raju) and others is, watch Bhala Thandanana on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sree Vishnu is known for his good expressions and variations. He slipped into the role tailormade for him. He came up with good mannerisms and at times created fun. He also showed the intensity accordingly. Despite all his efforts, he failed to take it to the next level and the fault lies with the director for not coming up with a powerful character. He impressed as an innocent guy and then as a caring person and then taking on the baddies.

Catherine Tresa performed well within her limitations. She got a good screen presence in the first half. However, her looks turned out to be the big minus. Posani Krishna Murai is ok in his role while Ramachandra Raju of KGF fame showed his menace. But for all the buildup for his role, Chaitanya Dantuluri turned it to be weaker than a joker than a dreaded don. Others like Ravi Varma, Adarsh Balakrishna,Srikanth Iyengar,Krishna Chaitanya are underused. Srinivas Reddy's comedy failed to make an impact. Others performed accordingly.

Director Chaitanya Dantuluri tried to attract movie lovers by showing Sree Vishnu in a hilarious crime thriller. However, the first half after the interesting start goes awry. Routine scenes in order to establish the romance between Sree Vishnu and Catherine Tresa failed to make an impact. The pace slowed and it picks up only towards the end of the first half. However few entertaining elements and a couple of twists turn the first half into an average one. Sree Vishu's performance and mannerisms kept the ship aloft. The interval twist though predictably increased expectations over the second half. Catherine Tresa's role till the end of the first half got equal screen presence to that of Sree Vishnu.

When people expected a better second half taking the narration to another level, the intensity dips shockingly. Posani Krishna Murali's scenes and the subsequent narration turned out to be routine and silly. The entire second half turned out to be predictable and routine with no real twists and turns. The climax comes as a shocker. Director Chaitanya Dantuluri failed to make an impact with the pretty ordinary climax. Dialogues turned out to be just ok. Chaitanya Dantuluri came with a routine story but he had ample scope to generate comedy and suspense but failed to do so. The screenplay and dialogues by Chaitanya Dantuluri and Srikanth Vissa failed to elevate the film to another level.

Mani Sharma elevated the scenes with his background music. This is in sharp contrast to the shoddy and disappointing work he did to Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Acharya. Songs are situational and are ok. The cinematography of Suresh Ragatu is good. He used the camera angles to give a natural feel, be it the urban and rural backdrop and also the crime scene elevations. The editing of Marthand K Venkatesh should have been more crispy. There are many drags and repetitive scenes that slowed the pace of the film. Dialogues are ok and Production values are good.


Variations in Sree Vishnu's role




Story, Screenplay, Direction


Illogical Scenes

Slow Pace

Rating Analysis

Sree Vishnu and Chaitanya Dantuluri's Bhala Thandanana generated interest. Chaitanya and Sree Vishnu started off in a right earnest but Chaitanya drifted completely wandering in the entire first half. He entered into the real story only by the end of the second half. He passed time with romantic and hilarious elements in the first half but managed to keep viewers interested thanks mainly due to Sree Vishnu's performance. However, in the second half, routine and silly scenes, screenplay and direction, and mediocre climax dashed all the hopes. The makers planned to cash into the craze of sequels and so dragged the film totally and ending the climax with no real twist giving a signal to the sequel. Had Chaitanya Dantuluri instead of thinking of surprising with the film's sequel, concentrated on the gripping narration, the result would have been different. Finally, the title is also not justified. Considering all the points, CJ goes with a 2.5.5 rating for Bhala Thandanana.

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