Bhaagamathie Review

Bhaagamathie Review
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Director: G Ashok
Producer: Vamsi, Pramod
Release Date: Fri 26th Jan 2018
Actors: Anushka, Jayaram, Unni Mukundan, Murali Sharma
Bhaagamathie Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Bhaagamathie - Technically Well Made Horror Thriller

Bhaagamathie Review, What’s Behind:

Bhaagamathie being Anushka’s immediate next film to Baahubali helped in building enormosu craze. Directed by G Ashok backed by prestigious production house UV Creations and a marvellous technical team, let us see how far Bhaagamathie can exploit on Republic Day holiday season in the following review. 

Bhaagamathie Story Review:

Central Minister Eshwar Prasad (Jaya Ram) seriously revolts against State Government in Vamsadhara irrigation project announcing his political renunciation. To frame Eshwar Prasad in a false scam case, Centre ropes CBI head Vaishnavi Natarajan (Asha Sarath) to first lock Eshwar Prasad’s secretary, Chanchala IAS (Anushka) on murder charges of her boyfriend Shakti (Unni Mukundan) and shifts her to remote haunted house Bhaagamathie Bungalow for confidential interrogation. Locked in ancient house, Chanchala comes across eerie incidents and finally Bhaagmathie impersonates her. On the other side, Vaishnavi Natarajan takes help of Psychiatrist and other departments but fails to break Bhaagmathie jinx. Twist in the story reveals only by pre climax when Eshwar Prasad and a bluff game exposes the social issue behind.

 Bhaagamathie Artists, Technicians Review:

Still in Devasena hangover, there is no better script for Anushka to cash on other than this Bhaagamathie. Director G Ashok’s last flick Chitrangada is a complete washout and we have our own doubts on his handling of Anushka. Well supported by a brilliant technical team and a professional production house, Bhaagamathie showed no traits of Chitrangada. In fact, Ashok had a meager and regular story element. Couple of intelligent twists in second half and gripping horror, thrilling points imbibed into narrative made screenplay very much acceptable. Writing part is fairly good, couple of dialogues have become popular much before release. 

Technically, Madhi’s camera work is the basic lifeline for Bhaagamathie. His lighting patterns in the dark or atypical camera placements are very impressive. SS Thaman’s background score took the film to next level and interval, he is just on bang. Art work from Ravinder needs a special mention. Minute carving or technical detailing in Bhaagamathie bungalow, all credits to his team. These three people succeeded to create a terrific mood giving a good movie watch experience. Production values from UV Creations are of premumly highest quality.

About performances, Anushka carried a dual pronged Bhaagamathie and Chanchala characters with ease. She was subtle as Chanchala and mighty as Bhaagamathie oozing energy. May it be the crucifixion bit or hanging to the roof, Anushka left a lasting impact. Jayaram is cool as cucumber in cunning villiany. Unni Mukundan is brief. Murali Sharma got a new cup of tea. Asha Sarath has got amazing body language. Fun factor on Dharan Raj, PrabhasSreenu, Vidyullatha Raman is just ok. 

Bhaagamathie Review Advantages:



Technical Values

First Half

Production Standards

Bhaagamathie Review Drawbacks:

Bluffing Formula


Routine Flashback

Bhaagamathie Review Rating Analysis:

To understand from basic perspective, Bhaagamathie hasn’t got any novel core point. It follows the fundamental template of heroine locked in an ancient haunted house and there’s a story behind to unravel. Yet, the hand of UV Creations in employing star names like Anushka, Madhie, SS Thaman, Ravinder metamorphosed a simple line into splendid entertainment. Barring the drawbacks of a known story pattern and logics thereof, Bhaagamathie kept audience glued to screen.

First half begins on interesting note introducing Jayaram as a honest minister. Other end, Asha Sarath gets on task as film gets into investigative mode with Anushka shifted to Bhaagamathie bungalow. Build up shots for bungalow are too good. Traversing into the actual bungalow, visuals are arresting though pace of the film falls down with dragged proceedings. Anushka facing scary happenings inside are easily passable. Nothing much on story front is revealed till this point before going for interval with Bhaagamathie possessing Chanchala.

Into second half, Asha Sarath uses all means to frame Anushka. Confrontation of Anushka with Psychiatrist first then Murali Sharma later are best portions. Here comes best time to crack the mystery, thus is Vamsadhara project and evacuations of 135 villages instead of 127. Why Anushka killed boyfriend Unni Mukundan and rest of the mind game followed the ritual. Arabic language point used in closing part is also thrilling. 

In total, Bhaagamathie is best movie released so far in 2018 and is a complete technicians film. UV Creations, Anushka and technical crew made it engaging. Given the three days Republic holiday season, Bhaagamathie is likely cash on Box Office sitution and CJ goes for 3 stars to appreciate the underpinning technical brightness in gloom. Watch it for the weekend in a theater equipped with good projection and surround sound.  

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