Bezawada Movie Review

Bezawada Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bezawada: All the way from title announcement till the release of movie today, ‘Bezawada’ is more publicized for controversies. With a brand RGV attached and Naga Chaitanya attempting for ‘Shiva’ kind of treatment in direction of Vivek Krishna, let us examine how powerful is this ‘Bezawada’?

In the Movie Bezawada: Kali Prasad aka Kali (Prabhu) is the man of masses in Bezawada. His group has a strong hold on temple city. Vijay Krishna (Mukul Dev) is right hand to Kali. On the flip side Kali’s brother Shankar Prasad aka Shankar (Abhimayu Singh) does not like the supremacy of Vijay Krishna. Due to this personal grudge, Shankar plays spoil sport of brutally killing his brother Kali and then spreads the rumor in Bezawada about Vijay Krishna as man behind this murder.

With the help of politician Ramana (Kota Srinivas Rao), even Shankar plans to become a politician but fails due to Vijay Krishna’s authority on Student and Labor Unions. Vijay Krishna has two brothers Jaya Krishna (Ajay) and Siva Krishna (Naga Chaitanya). Slowly and steadily, Shankar successfully assassinates Vijay Krishna for building his own identity. It is time now for cool, daring and dashing Siva Krishna to enter the scene for completing revenge saga. How did love life of Siva Krishna with college girl friend Geeta (Amala Paul), daughter of top brass policeman Adi Vishnu (Ahuti Prasad) is affected in this retaliation process forms another angle in story. 

Values of the Movie Bezawada: Story of Vivek Krishna is a simple revenge process with cat and mouse game between two groups. Screenplay was very weak with narration missing in absolute conviction. Entire movie looked like a cocktail of ‘Shiva’ and ‘Gayam’ but don’t mind no where near to such standards. Vivek Krishna failed to main connectivity from scene to scene due to lack of emotional quotient. Cinematography of Bhoopathy, FX School Team and background of Amar Mohile are just a repetition of ‘Raktha Chairtra.’ Editing by Goutham Raju lacked the sharpness of creating an impact. Musically except the title song, nothing worth to mention. Action scenes composed are full of blood shed and hair rising. Production values are average.

Performance wise, Naga Chaitanya’s character confuses the audience of whether being underplayed or overplayed. His body language has definitely improved while dialogue diction isn’t so impressive. Amala Paul is sexy and worth to be observed. Mukul Dev and Prabhu are confident. Abhimanyu Singh is crude with no facial inflections. Kota is used for gap filling scenes between every two killings. Comedy by Brahmanandam as Sketch Gopi and MS Narayana as Durga Prasad was better initially. Of the remaining Subhalekha Sudhakar, Ajay and others were okay.

Out of the Movie Bezawada: The basic problem with ‘Bezawada’ is deficient in soul and a central theme. Audiences find it tough to travel with film in first half. Second half starts on a bright note with vengeance filled action scenes, unfortunately looses the track very soon to end up with an abrupt, unconvincing climax. Openly speaking, ‘Bezawada’ being compared with ‘Shiva’ is a statement of liar. There is no play of empathy between characters as what we seen in those cult hits of ‘Shiva’ or ‘Gayam.’ Rowdyism, sketches, attacks, counters, killings, clashes and bomb blasts looked like a mechanical game between two rival groups. Slow motion scenes tested the patience. Cheap or call it ‘B’ grade treatment of a meaningless story will incapacitate the audience.    

‘Bezawada’ publicized as an interpretation of real history about rivalries between two Caste groups in Vijawayada in 1980’s is not true. May be, both RGV and Vivek Krishna used that as a publicity tool for promoting the movie but on the screen we don’t find any quarrelsome and contentious arguments with historical resemblances. Commercially, ‘Bezawada’ is definitely a doubtful project that will have no traces exactly like the hopeless products coming from RGV School in last few years of time period.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Bezawada: A Failed Sketch!

                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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