Betting Bangarraju Movie Review

Betting Bangarraju Movie Review
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Director: E. Satti Babu
Producer: Ramoji Rao
Release Date: Tue 09th Mar 2010
Actors: Allari Naresh
Betting Bangarraju Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Betting Bangarraju - Cool bet in hot summer

Behind the Movie Betting Bangarraju: Off late ‘Allari’ Naresh has been quite successful in offering wonderful entertainers continuously. He joins with director E. Satti Babu and Ramoji Rao this time for this ‘Betting Bangarraju’ which has become an awaited movie for comedy lovers. New girl Nidhi and the entire comedy troop are ready to bet the audience. Let us see, who won this bet?

In the Movie Betting Bangarraju:
Bangarraju (Allari Naresh), son of Narayana (Giribabu) is a bewars in the village who spends his entire time with his thotti gang earning money by betting on everything. Bangarraju’s hand is treated as golden hand as he wins every bet. Bangarraju decides to go Hyderabad and win the love of a city girl for marriage, when a local village girl (TV anchor Chandralekha) insults and rejects him.

Bangarraju lands in friend Mayadas (Krishna Bhagawan) room in Hyderabad and starts his search. At last he instantly falls in love with college girl Divya (Nidhi) and expresses his love. Very soon, Bangarraju finds that there are three more guys Muththa Reddy, a Rayalaseema factionist; Revant, a Chess Grand Master; Boddu Devender, an industrialist who proposed Divya.

Now, Divya poses an open challenge for all the four to stay one week with her family members in village of Aatreya Puram and win the love his family in order to marry her. Next scene, four of them are before Divya’s family members, father Gokaraju Peda Raju (Chalapathi Rao), Uncle Varada Raju (LB Sri Ram), grand father Achyutha Raju (Kota) and others.  How did Betting Bangarraju defeat all his competitors? How did he win the love of Divya and her family members? How did he save the family of Divya from their rivals? form rest of the movie.

Values of the Movie Betting Bangarraju:
Openly speaking, there is nothing great about the story. But Satti Babu, an expert in adding a touch of humor for everything he deals with has come up with his own brand of comedy for every scene. Screen Play was etched well in order not to bore the audience with family drama in second half. Comedy is Satti Babu’s fort and he was successful in making the audience leave the theatre with smiling faces. First half, it was regular comedy while second half, it was family drama mixed with comedy. Gandham Nagaraju’s pen again gels well with audience to evoke laughter many a times. Music by Shekhar Chandra and Editing by Gowtham Raju were just okay. Re-recording was the biggest disappointing feature while production values of Ramoji Rao are again too ‘Kanjoosi.’

Performance wise, Allari Naresh pulled out entire length of the movie by sprinkling his energy which is of course his comedy timing. His body language and dressing style was perfect for Bewars Betting Bangarraju. Heroine Nidhi, the debutant early in the movie looked as dud. As the movie runs, her bright eyes and long nose attracted the audience. Nidhi even has a natural sex appeal which may get recognition in future movies. Comedy wise, it was show of Krishna Bhagawan and his team in first half while Raghu Babu will take the honors in second half. Jaya Prakash Reddy as SI Peer Bhasha; Nalla Venu as Brahmam, Hema as strict warden Vasundhara and sexy vamp Jyothi as Pushya Ragam have even done their best to offer smiles.

Out of the Movie Betting Bangarraju:
Leave the story and leave your logics; clearly it was Satti Babu’s intention to mix comedy in every scene and make the audience relaxed. Of course, he won few and he lost few for the movie but even he doesn’t want to end the movie and send the audience in dull mood. That is the reason why, Satti Babu sketched out a good climax which even justifies the movie title. First half doesn’t has anything impressive except comedy and second half it was family drama but without missing the comedy again. Comedy bits like Touchology, slappings for Raghu Babu, chess scene, climax claps from mass audience. While a lengthy drama in first 30 minutes of second half and a slow pace in second half tested the patience of audience. If Allari Naresh, Satti Babu’s humorous taking, Krishna Bhagawan, Raghu Babu are considered positive points for movie; it is lack of quality, bad re-recording, sluggish narration in second half and missing of common sense may hamper the result. Finally for all those who just watch the movie for time pass, it is worth an attempt.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Betting Bangarraju:
Cool bet in hot summer.

                                                                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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