Bethaludu Review

Bethaludu Review
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Bethaludu Review, What’s Behind: This is Vijay Anthony’s latest sensation after a super hit ‘Bichagadu.’ Early promotions have generated immense curiosity and a section of audience waited for one more atypical flick from Vijay. Starring Arundathi Nair, Raja Krishna Murthy and others in leads, let us see what is this psychological thriller all about?

Bethaludu Story: Narration takes off introducing Dinesh (Vijay Anthony) suffering with mental disorder approaching a psychiatrist doctor (Raja Krishna Murthy). During this treatment process involving past life regression, Dinesh reveals a shocking connection of his wife Aishwarya (Arundathi Nair) with past life in Macherla wherein he was a Telugu school teacher named Sharma (Vijay Anthony) brutally killed by his own wife Jaya Lakshmi (Arundathi Nair). Twist in the tale is, why Dinesh is exhibiting these schizophrenic symptoms? What happened to him in this present life? To find answers for these questions, watch the rest on screen.

Bethaludu Artists and Technicians: Post ‘Dr Salim’ and ‘Bichagadu,’ actor Vijay Anthony developed a niche of himself in Telugu circuit. ‘Bethaludu’ is also tried on an intriguing point but Pradeep Krishnamurthy’s overexcitement to fill lot many threads into one flick using his multi layered screenplay did the damage. Till a point of time, mystery behind ‘Bethaludu’ and Jaya Lakshmi teases viewers. Later on, director went in a dither trying to churn too much by blending new crime phase. As a screen writer, he succeeded to large extent except last 30 to 40 minutes in non-sync. Films centered on psychological aberrations coated with super natural aspects are easily attentive. Director missed in exploiting the genre losing his track, diluting second half. Bhaasha Sri’s dialogues are just ok. Camera work by Pradeep sets a much needed dingy mood to narration. Veera Senthil’s editing had ups and downs yet this is a job well done. BGM by Vijay Anthony is splendid while songs are below par. Production standards from Fathima Vijay Anthony and S Venu Gopal are fine.

About performances, Vijay Anthony is improving with each film. He was confident, convincing as Sharma and can be sympathized as Dinesh. Heroine Arundathi Nair is also decent in two roles. Among the rest like Raja Krishna Murthy, YG Mahendra, Charuhasan made the presence felt. Remya Nambeesan’s cameo is good.

Bethaludu Advantages:

Vijay Anthony

First Half

Second Half First 15 Mins



Bethaludu Drawbacks:


Dragged Narration

Missing Nativity

Zero Horror

Tad Long Runtime

Bethaludu Rating Analysis: Those audience considering ‘Bethaludu’ as one more horror film will go wrong. This is a psychological thriller with scientific and medical reasoning. Pradeep Krishna Murthy’s basic idea inspired from famous Tamil writer Sujatha’s ‘Aah’ scripted into a feature film is appreciable. The way mystery is introduced to audience in Vijay Anthony’s terrific performance keeps us locked. Step by step buildup with imaginative detailing, scrupulous sound mixing with a peculiar lighting mood will drown audience into new world. However, Pradeep falters at crucial point adding unnecessary commerciality, overstretched scenes, unconvincing pre climax and climax. A film which would have been an exceptional case in psychological thrillers goes haywire. Yet, Vijay Anthony stitches those loose ends together with his looks and performance.

From very first scene, Vijay and Pradeep lock our attention. Vijay’s abnormal behavior after Arundathi Nair entering into his life is also dealt well. While audiences steam their brains speculating a reason, movie almost heads to interval with Vijay Anthony’s last life exposed in regression. Interval block is definitely stimulating and keeps us hooked to Jaya Lakshmi, Sharma.

Very early in second half, flashback is opened and presented gracefully. What’s next, will Sharma take revenge on Jaya Lakshmi? Here, Pradeep committed a mistake opening new layer for logical verification with new characters introduced and mode of film transformed. Towards pre climax direction gets stalled and sentimental climax is uninteresting as too many cinematic liberties are taken.

In total, ‘Bethaludu’ is one more unusual film demonstrates the uncanny story, script selection by Vijay Anthony. Although ‘Bethaludu’ had zero commonalty with ‘Bichagadu,’ this thriller surely hiked the respect on Vijay Anthony as an artist. Commerciality aside, if you are waiting to watch some novel ideas presented on screen, safely give a try barring the slow narration in parts and a feeble climax. CJ encourages Pradeep and Vijay with 2.5 stars rating.

Bethaludu Cinejosh Verdict: Vijay Anthony Shines

                                                         Bethaludu Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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