Bengal Tiger Review

Bengal Tiger Review
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Bengal Tiger Review, What’s Behind: The negative effect of ‘Kick 2’ is no where felt on this Raviteja’s new film with advantages served by ‘Racha’ director Sampat Nandi and glamorous Tamanna, Rashi Khanna in casting. Bheems too provided wonderful music and producer Radha Mohan also appeared very sensitive, professional. Apart from all this, let us see how good all these combinations worked in our ‘Bengal Tiger’ review?

Bengal Tiger Story: Akash Narayan (Raviteja), a goal-less and aim-less young chap from Athreya Puram town gets insulted by a girl (Aksha). He then decides to become a famous celebrity and hits a stone at Minister (Sayaji Shinde), when he is on a political tour. Amazed by these guts, Minister gives an entry for Akash to join his team. In no time, Akash’s range grows from Minister to Home Minister (Rao Ramesh) and is offered a job to manage the security of his daughter Shraddha (Rashi Khanna). Here also, Akash impresses with wits and Shraddha falls in love. Exactly at a moment when Home Minister is to announce the wedding of Shraddha with Akash, a mind blowing twist is shaken in the form of Chief Minister (Boman Irani) and his daughter Meera (Tamanna). What is the connecting network between CM and Akash? What’s waiting in the flashback? What is Akash’s actual plan? Whom did he marry finally?

Bengal Tiger Artists and Technicians: For steaming a commercial pot boiler, it’s not mandatory to have a great storyline. Sampat Nandi shined in penning an arresting screenplay despite a fact that he is not equipped with an inventive story. The way he loops up the whole of first half double-dealing Home Minister and Chief Minister added with neatly written funny episodes made the show a grand entertainer. In fact, Sampat framed a well-treated first half only to reveal actual conflict in second half wherein the real seriousness and dangerous dryness crept. Critical flashback episode was quite mechanically dealt. Predictability is of course common in films of this genre but Sampat could have raised curiosity level taking liberty in sub-plotting few more scenes in comic touch. Still, commercial mass entertainers are devoid of these logics and works well with lower order centers. Dialogues wise, Sampat showed lot of maturity and he is damn good striking on target. Soundar Rajan’s camera work is terribly imposing. The very starting shot of Raviteja walking in mud over dead bodies showed the quality of camera work we are going to enjoy. Bheems is sure to enjoy a new lease of life as music director with this flick. Every song was well composed and more pleasingly picturized. Lack of sharpness in second half editing from Goutham Raju halted the proceedings wobbling the central conflict to open on a pale note and end on an average note. Production values from KK Radha Mohan and Sri Sathya Sai Arts are simply stunning.

On to performances, ‘Bengal Tiger’ is a cake walk for Raviteja. In a lean and anorexic physique, Ravi’s look is more stylized by his extra pumped energy. He was pretty much following the regular basics and director simmered the best one can get from Mass Raja. All in all, the hero character shined throughout. On to heroines, Rashi Khanna skinned a glamour dominating role which can probably be the best break she is waiting on commercial zone. Tamanna comes late into the story and her characterization is imperfect and also inferior to Rashi. Anyways, chemistry between Ravi-Tamanna and Ravi-Rashi is refreshing. Boman Irani isn’t right match as antagonist. Sayaji Shinde and Rao Ramesh were routine. On to comedians, yet again Prudhvi is the supreme factor floated in first half as Future Star Siddappa. You can’t stop laughing. Posani as Celebrity Shastri got a lengthy role. Brahmanandam as Amala Pal continued his weak form. Prabha, Pavithra Lokesh, Sameer have showed family their presence. Shakalaka Shankar and Sathyam Rajesh were there for a while. Rest also did well.

Bengal Tiger Rating Analysis: Understanding the assets in a selected hero by itself completes half of director’s duty. Sampat Nandi should be appreciated for perceiving Raviteja body language in a correct tone. This helped audience to empathize with hero characterization and there on narration flowed in tremendous ease. First half moves at bright pace with zero boring moments. Raviteja joining Sayaji Shinde, Rao Ramesh groups followed by Rashi Khanna track, then supplementing hilarious comedy scenes on Posani, Prudhvi have lifted first half to the scale of a super hit product. Having got tonnes expectations piled for second half, Sampat wasn’t unfolding at his best when dealing flashback or Ravi-Tamanna track. Rest of the flow towards pre-climax and climax were customary.

What makes ‘Bengal Tiger’ a perfectly pitched mass masala commercial entertainer is strongly designed hero characterization, hot heroines Tamanna, Rashi Khanna, high dose hilarity, grand visuals, peppy music, wonderful production standards and overall a spirited show from Sampat, as head of the team.

Raviteja Fan base cannot ask anything more than this. For lower order audience, ‘Bengal Tiger’ is a complete package which guaranteed 150 minutes of non-stop entertainment (excluding few tiny portions in second half). Commercially, ‘Bengal Tiger’ is sure to strike gold at Box Office keeping cash registers ringing for two to three weeks. So, Cinejosh rates the film with 3.25 stars.

Bengal Tiger Cinejosh Verdict: Perfect Commercial Pot Boiler

                                         Bengal Tiger Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5.0

                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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