Bendu Appa Rao RMP Movie Review

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Bendu Appa Rao RMP Movie Review
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Behind the Movie “bendu appa rao rmp”: There is a huge gap for comedy touch movies in Tollywood from a long time. EVV Satyanarayana is known for his box office hit comedy movies. But the dearth to fill the gap between his releases is perfectly filled by none of the directors of this genre. Now, EVV’s son Naresh has joined his father once again to prove the caliber of Comedy movies to Tollywood.

In the Movie “bendu appa rao rmp”:
Bendu Appa Rao (Naresh) is an RMP doctor in service of the people in the village of Bobbarlanka. He along with his assistant (Suman Shetty) squeezes the patients for money sake by frightening them with variety of diseases. But all he does is for the sake of his sister and greedy brother in law (Krishna Bhagawan). The rich landlord in the village (Ahuthi Prasad) has a daughter Padma Priya (Kamna) who continuously fails in 10th class, but falls in love with Bendu instantly. Bendu also reciprocates his love but gets strucked up into a chaotic situation. An unknown person Shivaji dies in the hands of Bendu in a critical stage and handovers 15 Lakh rupees of money which is to be sent to his parents. Bendu along with his friends search for parents of Shivaji but fail. So, decides to open up a school in the name of Shivaji and do service. At this stage a school teacher (Meghana) enter Bendu’s life. Who is this school teacher? What is her relation with Shivaji? Will Bendu marry Meghana or Kamna? forms the rest of the story.

Values of the Movie “bendu appa rao rmp”: EVV picks up those kinds of plots which are easily understandable in nature, nothing complex. Although the story is simple and straight, but the way EVV mixed his touch has made Bendu, a wonderful entertainer. It is alone the comic touch, which makes movie worth a watch. EVV’ style of making comedy with each and every character in the movie is seen even in Bendu. Story by PV Giri is simple, but the treatment of EVV has elevated the substance. Audience feels the punch of EVV once in every couple of minutes in the first half. Dialogue writer Veligonda Srinivas is an apt match for EVV. Comedy by side artistes like Srinivas Reddy, Achyuth, Ahuthi Prasad, Uttej, Suman Shetty, LB and Ali has worked out at a moderate level. Ahuthi Prasad’s East Godavari accent once again shined. Coming to main lead Allari Naresh, he proves the worth of his comedy timing in conjunction with his father’s touch. But strictly speaking, movie gets lagged and overdosed in sentimental scenes in the second half. Audience who are overjoyed in the first half feel the pain in second half. Koti’s music has nothing special to mention. 

Out of the Movie “bendu appa rao rmp”: With no perfect comedy entertainers striking the theatres from a long time, “Bendu Appa Rao” proves the merit to some extent. First half is well entertained and the boring second half may prove to be a curse for the movie. There is no perfect movie in the town which can entertain you during this festive time. Although Jaganmohini & Ghatikudu which are slated for release tomorrow may not hamper the success of Bendu. What is to be seen is, how will A class audience embrace this kind of movies.

”bendu appa rao rmp” Cine Josh Verdict: Hilarious entertainment guaranteed, but not in par with EVV’s earlier movies.

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