Bangaru Bullodu Review

Bangaru Bullodu Review
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Director: Giri Palika
Producer: AK Entertainments
Release Date: Sat 23rd Jan 2021
Actors: Allari Naresh
Bangaru Bullodu Rating: 1.5 / 5
Bangaru Bullodu Punchline: Boring Bullodu!

Bangaru Bullodu Review, What’s Behind?

Allari Naresh who once used to do comedy films in the rural backdrop had done different films in last few years, including a special role in Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi. He is back to village comedy with Bangaru Bullodu. Will this film provide break for Allari Naresh who failed to score a hit for a long time?

Bangaru Bullodu Story Review:

Chary (Tanikella Bharani) had to sell jewelry of goddess 26 years ago to save his son and daughter-in-law who met with an accident. Unfortunately, they die in the hospital. As not to face humiliation from villagers, Chary makes gilt jewelry and offers to goddess. That guilt is still with him. Chary requests Prasad (Allari Naresh) who is also a goldsmith working at Grameen Bank to fulfill his wish of making real jewelry for the goddess. What tactics Prasad plays to accomplish his grandpa’s wish forms crux of the story.

Bangaru Bullodu Artists, Technicians Review:

Giri Palika was former writer at late director EVV Satyanarayana who used to make hilarious entertainers in rural backdrop. The influence was there on Giri Palika as well as the director too opted to a rural backdrop film with his mentor’s son Allari Naresh playing the lead. However, he seems to have penned the story when he was working with EVV, as the story and screenplay are outdated. His making is also behind the times. Dialogues also lacked the punch power. Sai Karthik scored moderate album, while the remix of Swathilo Muthyamantha stands out best. BGM, however, doesn’t help to give life to boring sequences. Satish Muthyala’s camera work and MR Varma’s editing add to the negatives. Production values of AK Entertainments are middling.

Onto artists, Allari Naresh’s role reminds us of many of his previous films. However, he gives some comic relief here and there. Pooja Jhaveri is okay as the girl who dreams to settle in a foreign country by marrying an NRI. The actress oozed some oomph in songs. Naresh and Pooja somehow impress with their dances to Swathilo remix version. Posani Krishna Murali and Tanikella Bharani are usual, wherein Ajay Ghost doesn’t make much impact as a police officer. Vennela Kishore is cool. The bank batch- Praveen and Pridhvi Raj are okay. Prabhas Seenu and Satyam Rajesh fail to provide laughs. Getup Seenu irks, while Jabardasth Mahesh is tolerable.

Bangaru Bullodu Review Advantages:

Few Comedy Bits

Bangaru Bullodu Review drawbacks:

Outdates Story

Tedious Screenplay

Weak Direction



Bangaru Bullodu Review Rating Analysis:

One needs to have guts to name their films after super hit movies. Perhaps, Giri who had confidence in his subject had dared to title his film after Balakrishna’s yesteryear hit Bangaru Bullodu. He even dared to include remix of the super hit song Swathilo Muthyamantha. Though the song was somehow enjoyable on screen, the film isn’t. He failed in all the departments he handled.

The film begins on an entertaining note with comedy scenes in the village and the bank where Naresh works. Things turn bit serious after Tanikella Bharani narrates a secret of jewelry of goddess. The idea of narrating the incidents as 2D animation is acceptable. Posani’s episodes are tedious. He is made fool by Naresh, every time and they are very predictable as well. Then, Naresh and Pooja’s track is also outmoded. Interval episode is also not bang on with Ajay Ghosh giving a strong warning to villagers over robbery of jewelry of goddess.

Things appear repetitive in second half and nothing much happens with foreseeable incidents. Torture turns double with the entry of Getup Seenu. Pelli Choopulu episode is another chapter, as snake comedy doesn’t work out. The revelation of the man behind the robbery doesn’t thrill you. Finally, the movie ends on happy note with Naresh marrying Pooja.

On the whole, Bangaru Bullodu is another bad selection from Allari Naresh. There’s nothing freshness in the story and even narration too is tad slow. Even those who love routine comedy entertainers will not like it. It’s high time for Naresh to stop doing routine comedy films and opt for different genre movies. Giri wasted an opportunity by making a below average flick. CJ goes with 1.5 star rating and the film has zero chances to do any magic at box office.


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