Bad Boy Review

Bad Boy Review
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Behind the Movie Bad Boy: Hero Karthi and gorgeous heroine Anushka are paired for this action entertainer directed by Suraaj with music composed by DSP. This dubbed film is released today all over the state of Andhra Pradesh. Let us see...what is Good and what is Bad here?

In the Movie Bad Boy: Story opens with Divya (Anushka) chased by a group of villains and she boards a train. In the next scene, as train passes through a river bridge thus enters Alex Pandu (Karthi) to save Divya. They jump into river and scene shifts to Simhachalam town where comedian (Santhanam) and his three sisters (Nikitha, Rani, Sanusha) begin to play with their Baava Alex Pandu. Ofcourse, goons (Suman, Milind Soman, Mahadevan & Pratap Pothan) are on the hunt for Alex and Divya. What is their flashback? Why did Alex agree to kidnap Health Minister's (Visu) daughter Divya? Finally, when Divya develops a romantic feeling towards Alex? Where villains successful in getting their file signed by Health Minister? All these form the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Bad Boy: The story followed by Suraaj is a full fledged commercial line with complete mass action. As director attempted for complete commercialism from very first frame, he should have taken proper care even on scripting part. This is where film falls completely flat. As we have seen numerous such kidnap stories leading to lots of action and romance in the past, Suraaj could not break any new ground. Same do apply for dialogues from Sashank Vennelakanti who just tried for rhyming the punches and nothing else. Saravanan's cinematography is highly influential in few fight sequences and Praveen, Srikanth's editing was blunt in second half. Devi Sri Prasad rendered the same music and tunes which are heard a jillion times. Production values of Studio Green are as usual top class. 

Performance wise Karthi just sleep-walked through the character. He is just limited to fighting with bad guys saving the heroine. Ofcourse, comedy of Karthi with Santhanam and his sisters was a bit entertaining in first but later on dragged. Anushka got a less caliber role. She grabs enough screen time only in second half. Her romantic track with Karthi that comes late in second half is very pale. Santhanam tickled the funny bone fewer times. The forest epsiodes of comedy artist Manobala as Gabbar Singh are severely paining. Of the remaining Visu, Pratap Pothan, Mahadevan, Suman, Milind Soman were regular. Nikitha, Rani and Sanusha filled the screen with full of colors and glamor in first half.

Major drawback for 'Bad Boy' to become a bad film is Suraaj's weak execution of plot. With no excitement in narration, audience easily guess on what's coming next? Once Karthi reveals to Santhanam on he is the one who kidnapped Anushka, the story is unlocked. Suraaj's helplessness in second half develops into frustration with a big gap filling epsidoe of Gabbar Singh Manobala. He should have thought something in alternative. Then the predicted screenplay drives to climax and again it's full of fights. So, except a bunch of well picturised stunts we leave with nothing to point in specific. In overall, first half is far better compared to second half. Looks like, the abrupt trimming in both first and second halves (relative to original Tamil version) has saved lot of time and patience of patrons. 

It is a pardoxical situation when many of our Telugu directors are assaying on experiments of Tamil ones, annoyingly 'Bad Boy' is a badly made Tamil film ('Alex Pandiayn') hugely inspired by formula content of Telugu films. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Bad Boy: 70% Bad & 30% Good.

                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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