Babu Baga Busy Review

Babu Baga Busy Review
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Director: Naveen Medaram
Producer: Abhishek Nama, Abhishek Pictures
Release Date: Fri 05th May 2017
Actors: Avasarala Srinivas
Babu Baga Busy Rating: 2 / 5
Babu Baga Busy Punchline: Duck Out

Babu Baga Busy Review, What Is Behind:

Adult comedies typically centered on sex are easy to sell. Babu Baga Busy is remade from Hindi original Hunterr has hit the Telugu screens today. Avasarala Srinivas in a sex addict character and the naughty spice in promotional material excited a portion of audience to wait for BBB. Let us see, what debutant director Naveen Medaram offered us in Babu Baga Busy review.

Babu Baga Busy Story Review:

Maddy (Avasarala Srinivas) is a simple living man playboy fascinated with sex and rightly called as a sex maniac who opines sex as a natural physical need. What happens when such man encounters different women in different phases of life? From first encounter to century mark, now Maddy wants to settle in life by marrying Radha (Mishti Chakravarthi) but his ridiculous past flings with middle aged Chandrika aunty (Supriya), young swimmer (Tejaswi Madivada) or his last effort for relative Shobha (Sreemukhi) haunt him for a while. How Maddy and Radha’s story had a happy ending is rest.

Babu Baga Busy Artists, Technicians Review:

Gone are the days when sex is considered a word to censor. In the name of modern life style, very frequently we hear about illegal affairs and the same hormonal affinity between male, female is treated semi boldly in original Hunterr without forgetting the blend of required Indian sensibilities and an authentic backdrop. Major problem debutant director Naveen Medaram seems to have faced is mid-way handling of a bold script. Neither had he got those youth enticing erotic bits nor the sensuous romance and thus we have an exhaustive and boring narrative. When protagonist himself is found misfit, nothing there on can sympathize the audience. This is where director Naveen’s inexperience in grabbing the emotional essence of original is profusely felt. Dialogues are par below mediocrity. Suresh Bhargava camera work is just average while SB Uddav’s editing is just fine. Sunil Kashyap composed a couple of decent songs and BGM is fine. Production values from Abhishek Nama and Abhishek Pictures are acceptable.

About artists, an innocent Avasarala Srinivas hasn’t got that deceiving look in eyes. His staring at women hasn’t described the inner desire but still following scene gets lewd. More than protagonist strengths, heroines appeared here like mere sex objects. From Tejaswi Madivada to Sreemukhi via Supriya, there’s no expression for their sex-thirstiness. Yet, there’s a Meow. Except Mishti Chakravarthy, none of the female artists got a scope to perform in very brief characters. Priyadarshi comedy also failed while Ravi Prakash’s army episode is feebly dealt. Rest artists may not need a mention.

Babu Baga Busy Review Advantages:

Supriya Scene

Avasarala Childhood

Babu Baga Busy Review Drawbacks:

Rest Everything

Babu Baga Busy Review, Rating Analysis:

What a common viewer expects at the least from a Hunterr remake is, adult comedy and serving the baser instincts, if forget the basic ingredients like drama, emotions, sentiment and blah. Sadly, BBB is a pathetic remake of Hunterr which fell flat at execution. From the word go, director Naveen Medaram struggled to put his point straight. Rather than adopting the realistic screenplay adopted from original, why Naveen adhered to a commercial format with zigzag storytelling and non-connecting backdrop is a big question. 

Introducing to Avasarala characterization very early on the existence of sex addicts in society is fine. But never Avasarala got into the skin. Attraction towards Mishti is silly. Then flashing back into the hero’s flashback was entertaining. As it gets into college age, film gets overstretched and the wait from audience on Tejaswi Madivada, Supriya wanes off. Interval block is also not gripping.

Into second half, one song aroused and thanks to Supriya’s hypnotic eyes and body before ETV Prabhakar breaks the thread disappointing us. Following episodes on Avasarala missed in strong conflict. Towards pre climax and climax, it gets further irritating as Sreemukhi is also wasted. Adarsh Balakrishna, Mishti and Avasarala in an unbearable climax end the film.

All in all, Babu Baga Busy is a silly remake and one more decent concept is wasted successfully. After Guntur Talkies, those who waited for another spicy feast, this is a sheer disappointment. For those who already watched Hunterr and those who haven’t, final verdict can be the same from both. Commercially, BBB can far a bit in lower order portions if promoted as a sex film else there’s a dead end. Babu Baga Busy review rating from Cinejosh is just 2 stars.

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