Awara Movie Review First on Net

Awara Movie Review First on Net
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Behind the Movie Awara: Hero Karthi fresh from the success of ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ is a killer performer joined hands with action director Lingusamy known for movies like Run and Pandem Kodi in Telugu. Milk babe Tamanna riding too high in Tamil sky is the awesome beauty of this ‘Awara’ package with music from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Let us see, what did this ‘Awara’ the Tamil dubbed ‘Paiyaa’ did in Telugu?

In the Movie Awara: Shiva (Karthi) is a care less guy (the Awara) living in Bangalore with  group of friends (Sonia of ‘Happy Days’ fame and few more Tamil artists) is on job trials. During one such occasion when Shiva is to attend an interview, he finds Charulatha (Tamanna) from a bus and instantly falls in love.

Next time Shiva is in railway station to pick up a friend, tensed Charulatha along with her uncle mistake Shiva as a taxi driver and hire him to Nellore trip. At a petrol bunk when Charulatha’s uncle is away from car, she pressures Shiva to get rid of him and change the route to leave her in Mumbai. Shiva agrees for it, start journey to Mumbai and the story slowly gets to unfold.

Charulatha whose parents are dead is forced by rowdy uncle to marry a guy whom she doesn’t like. Charulatha escapes to Mumbai to meet her grandmother. On the other hand, Shiva has a flash back where in he is involved in a nasty war with Mumbai local goon Baali (Milind Soman). For now hero and heroine are chased by these two groups in this journey. Both Shiva and Charulatha have a liking for each other but doesn’t open up their heart.

Finally when Charulatha is left at her grandmother’s place and Shiva starts back to Bangalore depressed for not winning his love, the climax episodes begin. Both the groups again attack them as the strong ‘Awara’ Shiva finishes every body in this climax fight. Soon Shiva’s friends from Bangalore land in Mumbai and open their friend’s feelings for Charulatha. Has Charulatha accepted Shiva? is the final episode of ‘Awara.’

Values of the Movie Awara: Lingusamy never takes up laborious stories, he believes in strong and action narration. May it be ‘Run or Pandem Kodi,’ you feel an incredible punch in the movie which is totally missed in ‘Awara.’ His story is thinner than wafer and script was very weak. Direction wise, there are few interesting action episodes and two well picturized songs but nothing more. Dialogues by Shashank Vennalakanti are just okay. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja was good for two songs and background score. Madi’s Cinematography was wonderful in songs and some intelligent and new camera angles were seen in action episodes. Editing by Antony was sharp only in second half.

Performance wise Karthi was versatile but there were few raw facial expressions. Stunts wise he was mindblowing and dances wise he was uncomfortable. Best part of the movie is Karthi’s self dubbing which gave new feel to character. Tamanna was again gorgeous looking in traditional and trendy costumes. In one of the song sequences, the way she swings her hip with hot navel sending down the vibrations, you fell flat for her. Hope she repeats it with Allu Arjun in ‘Badrinath’ for Telugu audience too.  Milind Soman has a very short role while Sonia of ‘Happy Days’ fame is not worth mentioning. Remaining few artists are from Tamil land whom we doesn’t recognise much.

Out of the Movie Awara: Lingusamy’s typical racy script with action touch was missing in  this 'Action mixed love story' Awara. Movie runs very slow in first half as audience leave the hall for interval with nothing in their minds. Second half was considerably dealt well with action episodes. Other than Tamanna and Karthi, none will have importance and none will impress you. Karthi needs to get developed in dances as his uneasy attitude was visible on screen. Tamanna will steal your heart and guys…she is hot. Action episodes are overtly dealt with wires which may not be liked by Telugu audience. Overall if Tamanna, Karthi, two songs, good cinematography are positives; weak script, no story line, exhaustive first half will drain the movie. Better part is that, length of ‘Awara’ was just two hours.

Cinejosh verdict of the Movie Awara: May give an attempt only for Tamanna.

                                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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