Autonagar Surya Review

Autonagar Surya Review
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Behind the Movie Autonagar Surya: Having seen many battles on its way for release, Naga Chaitanya and Samanta starrer film has hit the screens today. Prasthanam! fame Deva Katta is the man in focus for directing this flick. Let us get into the review now.

In the Movie Autonagar Surya: Story begins in 1970's when kid Surya!s parents are killed in the hands of a local goon. Fast forward to 1990's, Surya grows big (Naga Chaitanya) and waging a ferocious political war against Vijayawada Mayor (Madhu). All of the sudden here is a deadly bomb blast and Surya narrates his flashback. Surya is a man of principles and communal ideologies fighting against the current political administration which has become a mafia to make the workers in Autonagar to suffer. The system is ruled by Muncipal Coporator Indra (JP) and Mayor with their batch of local goons and financiers like Koti Lingam (Jeeva), 30 years Industry Surya, Giri (Ajay) etc and Police Commissioner (Raghu Babu). Autonagar has become the heard of many illegal activities for their earnings.

In the same town lives, Surya's uncle (Sai Kumar), whose daughter Sirisha (Samanta) is in love with Surya. In an unfortunate situation to save his mechanical shed, Surya kills Koti Lingam and imprisoned for five years during which Surya completes Engineering to fulfill his dream of inventing a Battery Car.

Once Surya is back in Autonagar, with help of his three friends and local community, he revolts against the evil forces for autonomous identity of Autonagar free from mafia hands. What are the hurdles he faced, how did he resolve them is rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Autonagar Surya: Major problem with directors like Deva Katta is their levels of seriousness in developing the stories, intensity in scripting aren't understood so easily for common audience like us. Putting it straight forward, if I say! ANS! as an interpretation of philosophies of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and other revolutionary socialists from the view point of Deva Katta, you might close this window. But, it?s true. Deva Katta's movie speaks on economic thought and inequalities which always exist between labor and capital class. The atrocities and methodologies which Mayor adopt on Autonagar Surya might date back to 1980s but Chaitu's character working against mafia kind of system with personal revenge and social goal needs to be visualized in Deva's perspective. Dialogues from Deva are hitting at times yet the sincerity and severity lacked in sustainability with lose hands here and there. Screenplay is quite frail adopting a beaten path. Direction wise also, Deva missed to show the same quality of 'Prasthanam'. On other technical fronts, there are uneven standards in cinematography of Srikanth Naroj and Goutham Raju's editing. Quality norms fall down and rise up offering an unsteady feel. This kind of films is not a cup of tea for music composer Anup Rubens and songs come in wrong times to interrupt the flow. Production values of Achi Reddy are appreciable.

From performance point of view, Chaitu's selection of this character is a brave adventure. It needs a lot of maturity to speak on labor unions, political problems and the roots beneath these dirty politics. Lot of stature is needed to mouth those lengthy and nail beating lines. Samanta is for songs sake. Madhu as Mayor was frightful in some scenes while JP, Ajay are as usual. Brahmaji's humor is free flowing while Brahmi as Super Mechanic and Venu Madhav as his side kick are forcibly inserted. Sai Kumar is in a weak role. Ahuti Prasad and Raghu Babu have done okay. Friends batch of Chaitu including Nandu and others have got good screen time. 

From Deva Katta's authoritative stand, 'Autonagar Surya' is a sincere effort with serious content devoid of entertainment. From a broader view of common audience, this is a boring and lengthy unending tale with huge bloodshed. 'ANS' is not noticeable either for viewers who love fun and romance or for serious patrons who love innovativeness. As per the trend, gone are those days when directors used to enlighten the people with inspiring and hard hitting speeches to bring a change in society. Current day crowds are demanding two hours of entertainment with sensible touching elements. Even if Deva Katta wanted to break the trend, his Auto did not have enough fuel to ignite our minds. Commercially, 'Manam' mania is still hanging in market and this could pull off some collections.

Cinejosh Verdict of Autonagar Surya: Engine Over Heated.

                                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5

                                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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