Atharintiki Daaredi Review

Atharintiki Daaredi Review
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Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Release Date: Fri 27th Sep 2013
Actors: Pawan Kalyan
Atharintiki Daaredi Rating: 3 / 5
Atharintiki Daaredi Punchline: A Complete Family Entertainer.

Behind the Movie AD: The name of Power Star is enough to make us go crazy. Entire state has been waiting to see what Pawan-Trivikram combo has done this time. Rightly, the movie is scheduled to release today and Fans thronged to theatres from midnight to get their first show tickets. Anyways, let us go into the review first.

In the Movie AD: Story begins with kidnap of Sasi (Samanta) by a small group of goons (Dhanraj, Venu etc). Here she narrates the three months flashback story of Goutham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan). 

Goutham belongs to a multi billionaire business family of Nanda living in Italy. He is the grand-son to old man Raghuram Nanda (Boman Irani), who has the only dream to get his daughter Sunanda (Nadiya) integrated into the family. Into the flashback, Sunanda goes against the wish of her father to marry a small advocate Sekhar (Rao Ramesh). Now, Goutham sets himself on a journey to India to bring back his Aththa Sundanda. 

In India, here is Sunanda living with two daughters Pramila (Praneetha) and Sasi (Samanta) running a star hotel business. As the first initiative, Goutham hides his original identity as Siddhu to joins as Sunanda’s Car driver becoming very close to Prameela. What happened later on when Prameela is already in love with Rahul (Bharath Reddy)? When did Sunanda realize the truth about Siddhu? How and when Sasi fell in Siddhu’s love? Why did Baddam Bhaskar (Brahmanandam) land in India from Uganda? Who is Aththapur Bab (Pawan Kalyan)? All these smoothly take the movie towards an emotionally high pitched climax.

Values of the Movie AD: The best and superb positives of the film are obviously Pawan Kalyan’s performance and Trivikram’s writing power. In fact, we may not find those strong punches of Trivikram’s brand or else the regular Pawan’s trademark style. Yet, AD is wonderful for a new format of treatment. It is rare to see a complete family entertainer shouldered on single character and the way Pawan’s role is designed is something new and innovative. Next, screenplay runs on beaten lines with an old pattern. Prasad Murella’s cinematography is outstanding with richness oozed in every frame. More over, he even caught a new charm in Pawan’s face. Editing by Prawin Pudi is smooth with no hiccups. DSP is super talented. All the songs stood as chartbusters and the same are presented well on screen. DSP’s background score needs a special applause. Production wise, BVSN Prasad and SVCC needs a standing ovation. 

On performance front, we can see a brand new Pawan Kalyan with cutting edge smartness and a controlled flow of emotions from him. Especially, climax portions will mesmerize audience goosing the sentimental affection to a new peak. In comedy portions; as Aththapur Baba with Brahmi, as a head strong billionaire who can purchase anything with money using workers MS and Narra Sreenu, as romantic partner to Samanta…everywhere Pawan looked perfect. While Samanta got very few to perform in second half, Praneetha is expressive with beautiful eyes. Nadiya was elegant and Rao Ramesh is proving to be a best alternative to Prakashraj. 

On the other side, Boman Irani showed the sensitiveness as old man and Mukesh Rishi too did well. Ali as Male Nurse rocked his portions along with Raghu Babu, Brahmaji, Gayathri, Ahuti Prasad and Kadambari Kiran Kumar etc struck to their roles. Brahmanandam has become monotonous for these dummy characterizations. Nevertheless, he is still entertaining in Ahalya-Indra episode which was needlessly prolonged. 

Out of the Movie AD: Unlike a conventional Pawan Kalyan whom we have seen many times in the past, Trivikram took too much of care in stretching his hero’s character. Story runs very slow with a delayed screenplay, thankfully the connections in stream are not disturbed due to enormous grandeur spilled in all the scenes. For Fans, who love to see a different Power Star with no old shades…you will enjoy this one. For mass audience, there is something definitely lacking to call this as a mass entertainer. 

More than following to the accustomed tone of narration, Trivikram showed creativity in many scenes. Examples are being, Rao Ramesh showcasing the pain of heart-attack to family members or Pawan explaining the real meaning of being happy in climax. These are the qualities which make Trivikram-Pawan different from others. Technically, they might be awesome. When it comes to common audience point of view, they had a weak plot and moronic narration testing the patience. This is the area which has done the damage from deterring AD to stand as average or above average product from a hit or super hit. Comparatively, second half has more of stuff, drama and humor than that of first half. Few minutes of movie can be trimmed off urgently. 

Commercially, AD will open to mind blowing record opening collections. First and second weeks, there will be no stoppage. Right judgment on what is the exact BO target AD can reach will be decided only on how far family audience will become repeat audience and how far Ad will have a long run. As of now, Atharintiki Daaredi will lead the way for new Box Office records for sure.  

Cinejosh Verdict of AD: A Complete Family Entertainer.

                       Cinejosh Rating: 3

                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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