Ashtadigbandhanam Review

Ashtadigbandhanam Review
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Director: Baba PR
Producer: Manoj Kumar Agarwal
Release Date: Fri 22nd Sep 2023
Actors: Surya Bharath Chandra, Vishika Kota, Mahesh Ravul, Ranjith, Viswender Reddy, Roshni Razak, Mani Patel, Naveen Kumar Gattu & Others
Ashtadigbandhanam Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Ashtadigbandhanam - Didn't Happen !

Ashtadigbandhanam (2023) Movie: What's Behind

The latest telugu film 'Ashtadigbandhanam' directed by Baba PR, has been creating a buzz of excitement with its captivating teasers and trailers. Starring the talented Surya Bharath Chandra, this highly anticipated movie is all set to hit theaters on September 22, 2023. The film's intriguing title has piqued the curiosity of cinephiles, and now, let's delve into what 'Ashtadigbandhanam' has in store for its audience. With the tagline "A Game with Crime," it promises to be an engaging cinematic experience that combines suspense and intrigue.

Ashtadigbandhanam Telugu Movie: Story Review

'Ashtadigbandhanam' unfolds a compelling narrative centered around the world of politics and their enforcers, and how a software engineer, Gautham (played by Surya Bharath Chandra), becomes entangled in their complex power dynamics. The story takes a dramatic turn when Gautham's life is thrown into disarray as his wife Priya (portrayed by Vishika Kota) suddenly falls ill, displaying alarming symptoms such as blood vomiting. To their shock, Priya is diagnosed with a brain tumor upon admission to the hospital.

Amidst the emotional turmoil and the daunting challenge of arranging a staggering sum of Rs 1 crore for Priya's medical treatment, Gautham receives a life-altering phone call. This call presents him with a startling proposition, setting the stage for a series of events that will change the course of his life.

To uncover the details of this surprising offer and how it ties in with key figures such as Sri Ramulu, the Telangana President of the Praja Sankshemam Party (played by Viswender Reddy), his formidable right-hand man Shankar (Mahesh Ravul), as well as their associates Soori (Mani Patel), Badri (Roshini Rajak), MLA Narsing Yadav (played by Gagan Ravi), TV2 CEO Gurumoorthy (Yogender Reddy), and CI Chakri (Ranjith Narayan Kurup), forms the crux of this intriguing and suspenseful narrative.

Ashtadigbandhanam Movie: Artists Review

Surya Bharath Chandra delivered a flawless performance in the lead role, capturing the essence of his character with precision. He skillfully portrayed a caring husband and seamlessly transitioned to display a range of emotions and nuanced body language when confronted by the menacing politicians and goons. His performance was truly noteworthy. Vishika Kota, in her role, complemented Surya Bharath Chandra exceptionally well, leaving a strong impression on the audience.

Mahesh Ravul, with his imposing presence and intense dialogues, convincingly conveyed fear on the screen. His portrayal exhibited a deep understanding of his character, delivering a performance filled with genuine emotion. Viswender Reddy, in his role as the political leader, brought his wealth of experience to the forefront, delivering a flawless performance that truly embodied the essence of the character.

Indeed, 'Ashtadigbandhanam' was propelled forward by the remarkable performances of Viswender Reddy and Mahesh Ravul. Their intense and compelling portrayals added significant depth to the film, captivating the audience throughout. Ranjith Narayan Kurup also contributed admirably to the ensemble with his performance, further enhancing the overall impact of the movie.

Ranjith Narayan Kurup, portraying the role of the police officer, delivered his performance with conviction, exuding a calm and composed demeanor that added depth to his character. Soori and Badri delivered performances in line with their respective roles, while Gagan Ravi showcased his talent in the role of Narsing Yadav, leaving a positive impression.

Yogender Reddy, in his portrayal of the CEO of a Channel, performed adequately, contributing effectively to the ensemble cast. The rest of the cast members also played their roles with dedication and commitment, collectively enhancing the overall quality of the film.

Ashtadigbandhanam Movie: Technicians Review

The narrative of 'Ashtadigbandhanam' provided by Baba PR, offers an engaging exploration of the intricate world of politics, politicians, their enforcers, and the media, delving into their manipulative machinations. While it's true that similar stories have been explored in previous films, Baba PR manages to sustain the audience's interest throughout the first half with a series of intriguing twists and turns. He adeptly maintains focus on the central plot, resulting in a fast-paced screenplay and commendable direction.

However, as the second half unfolds, the stage is set for intense drama. Unfortunately, a few repetitive scenes and some missing logical elements begin to diminish the overall engagement. Baba PR's narrative loses momentum after a certain point, making the latter part of the film feel somewhat tedious. At times, the screenplay and direction falter, and there's a sense that more attention to plot intricacies and unexpected twists could have yielded a more satisfying outcome.

The music by Jackson Vijayan, while acceptable, doesn't particularly stand out. While lavishly shot and featuring romantic notes, the songs occasionally disrupt the film's flow. However, Jackson Vijayan manages to pique curiosity and enhance the movie's impact with a powerful and impactful background score. His musical compositions elevate key scenes to another level.

Satya Giduturi's editing is proficient in the first half but encounters pacing issues in the second half, leading to some dragging moments toward the end. Babu Kollabathula's cinematography stands out for its opulence and style, effectively transforming the film into a visually striking production through adept camera work. The dialogues are well-crafted, and the production values are commendable, adding to the film's overall quality.

Ashtadigbandhanam: Advantages

  • Performances
  • BGM
  • Few Twists

Ashtadigbandhanam: Disadvantages

  • Routine Elements
  • Missing Logics
  • Lacks Intensity

Ashtadigbandhanam: Rating Analysis

In conclusion, 'Ashtadigbandhanam' presents itself as a commendable thriller. Director Baba PR skillfully extracts the best performances from both the cast and crew, successfully maintaining the viewers' interest for a significant portion of the narrative.

While the film exhibits strong potential, a bit of refinement in the script and screenplay could have elevated its overall impact. Taking into account all these factors, Cinejosh assigns a rating of 2 to 'Ashtadigbandhanam'.

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