Arya 2 Movie Review

Arya 2 Movie Review
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Director: Sukumar
Producer: Adithya Babu
Release Date: Fri 27th Nov 2009
Actors: Allu Arjun
Arya 2 Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Arya 2 - Perfect Blend of Arya's love and Arya 2's friendsh

Behind the Movie “Arya 2”: After the stupendous success of “Arya”, Allu Arjun and Sukumar’s combination was a discussed subject everywhere. The huge gap taken by these icons, Sukumar’s long gap after ‘Jagadam’ and Allu Arjun’s huge gap after ‘Parugu’ has made the expectations rise too high on this movie. Devisri Prasad’s music remaining the chartbuster along with beautiful Kajal, sexy Shraddha and handsome Navdeep becoming the added attractions for “Arya 2,” the movie has released today and was under the scanner by whole film fraternity.

In the Movie “Arya 2”:
Ajay and Arya, the two orphans become the best friends in the orphanage home. The love and affection which Arya generates for Ajay was never reciprocated and Ajay always feel Arya as a headache. When a childless couple desires to adopt any one of these two, Arya sacrifices it for Ajay. Grownup Ajay (Navdeep) leaves out to become a software entrepreneur and MD of AJ Software. Unable to leave without his friend grownup Arya (Allu Arjun) follows Ajay, joins the company as a software engineer and their friendship still remains the same. Geetha (Kajal), the newly joined employee of the same company steal the hearts of both these friends at a time, while Shanthi (Shraddha Das) working in the same company tries to woo Arya. Arya with all his natural behavior try to impress Geetha but this was hated by her which in turn helps Ajay to get nearer to Geetha. At this point of time, when Arya gets ready to sacrifice his lover for his best friend, Geetha’s factionist father Raja Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) enters the scene and takes away Geetha to Kurnool for arranged marriage with Subba Reddy (Ajay), the son of one more factionist leader Kasi Reddy (Sayaji shinde). Arya makes his way to Kurnool for the sake of his best friend’s love and win the hearts of factionist leaders and Subba Reddy. Situations turn hostile for Raja Reddy and Arya will be made to marry Geetha in Kurnool in the absence of Ajay. With no love for Arya in her heart, Geetha wants to go back for Ajay and Arya helps in doing so. In this mean time, will Geetha find the true love in Arya? Will Ajay realize the true value of friendship? What happened to the lives of all three? Who married Geetha? form the rest of the story which is to be watched on silver screen.

Values of the Movie “Arya 2”:
Sukumar, the talented director has once again picked the original flavor of ‘Arya’ and joined an extra element of friendship to it. Story has nothing more innovative than Arya, but the narration was tight and entertaining. Script work for this kind of movie needs to be very gripping, as whole of the movie runs between only three main characters, while other characters just come and go supporting these characters in the main story. Sukumar’s direction looked perfect in parts, while this complex script work done by Chandrashekhar and his companion is the main asset of this Arya 2. Music by Devisri Prasad is spell bound. Photography by Rajashekhar is successful in binding the flavor of the movie together, while Marthand K Venkatesh has once again shown his caliber in crisp editing for this most complicated second half. Dialogues by Vema Reddy touched the hearts many a times.

Hero Allu Arjun looked stylish and apt for the role of Arya. Navdeep had a lengthy role to play and was good. Kajal looked so beautiful while Shraddha Das looked hot and sexy. Comedy by Brahmanandam as Dashavatharam, HR and Psychiatrist of AJ Software clicked and spilled the laughs in whole theater. Mukesh Rishi, Sayaji Shinde and others were also good. Ajay, as Subba Reddy has got a good role to perform as long time lover of Kajal and he scores in all the screens. Production values of Aditya Babu were so grand.

Out of the Movie “Arya 2”: The main positive points of the Movie come out to be Allu Arjun’s characterization. Kajal’s beautiful and innocent performance, Devisri prasad’s Music and tight script work.

On listing the few best aspects in the movie, we get:
1.    Allu Arjun’s whole episode as “Mr. Perfect” in the software company.
2.    The wonderful picturization of songs (except Ringa…Ringa) and their correct placement.
3.    Good comedy by Brahmanandam.
4.    Extraordinary dance moments once again composed by Prem Rakshit and Nobel Master, especially “My Love is gone” and “Mr. Perfect”.
5.    Extraordinary first half which goes entirely on lighter vein.

The main drawbacks for Arya 2 are:
1.    Whole movie looks to have the shades of Arya.
2.    Sudden change over in Allu Arjun’s characterization in the second half looks indigestible.
3.    Lighter mode of first half cannot be connected easily with Rajyalaseema’s episode and emotionally high contented episodes in the second half
4.    Whole of the story looks to shift the track in second half and stretched till the climax.
5.    Entertaining extraordinary first half disappoints the total second half.
6.    Very bad picturization of “Ringa Ringa” song.
Cinejosh verdict “Arya 2”:
An above average entertainer with extraordinary first half and average second half. Mega fans may get their share of entertainment perfectly. It’s the perfect blend of Arya’s love and Arya 2’s friendship.

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