Arjuna Phalguna Review

Arjuna Phalguna Review
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Director: Teja Marini
Producer: Kalyan Krishna, N.M. Pasha Anvesh Reddy, Niranjan
Release Date: Fri 31st Dec 2021
Actors: Sree Vishnu
Arjuna Phalguna Rating: 1.5 / 5
Arjuna Phalguna Punchline: Fails to crack the success Padmavyuaham

What's Behind

Sree Vishnu who scored a hit with Raja Raja Chora is coming to entertain movie lovers with Arjuna Phalguna. The film directed by Raviteja Marini is releasing on 31 December 2021. Let us see whether Arjuna Phalguna appealed to movie lovers or not.

Story Review

Arjuna (Sree Vishnu) and his childhood friends (Mahesh Achanta, Chaitanya Garikapati, Rajkumar Kasireddy) and Shravani(Amritha Aiyer) live happily in a village in Visakhapatnam district. Arjuna goes to any extent to help his friends but drastic changes happen in their happy lives, as most of the villagers depend on agriculture and are burdened with loans. In order to repay loans, Arjuna takes a shocking decision. To find out more about it and the ramifications involved in it and what connection it got with village Karanam (Naresh), SI Subbaraju (Subbaraju), watch Arjuna Phalguna on screen.  

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Teja Marini tried to show Sree Vishnu in a rustic avatar and attract movie lovers. However, he came with a weak story and failed completely with his screenplay and direction. Even the dialogues turned out to be average. He missed many logics and tried to attract with emotional scenes but failed to connect chords with the movie lovers. He should have worked on the story and the script before proceeding ahead with the project. Teja Marini got a good cast and crew but he failed to make the optimum use of them.

Sree Vishnu slipped into his role effortlessly He entertained with his East Godavari accent, mannerisms, and dialogue delivery. He tried to carry the film on his shoulders. Mahesh Achanta, Chaitanya Garikapati, Rajkumar Kasireddy who played the role of his friends did full justice to their roles. Mahesh Achanta got an important role pivotal to the story and it is quite emotional also. Amritha Aiyer looked good as a village girl. But her role is inconsequential to the story. Subbaraju is good in his role as a SI while Naresh and Shivaji Raja performed their roles accordingly.

The music of Priyadarshan Balasubramaniam failed to attract. Except for the song Godari Valle Sandamama which was well shot and had an appealing tune, everything turned awry. His background music failed to elevate the scenes. It turned out to be average. Jagadeesh Cheekati's cinematography is ok. The village atmosphere is recreated in a realistic manner but nothing is extraordinary. Editing of Viplav Nyshadam failed completely. There are many repetitive scenes that tested the patience of the viewers. Production values are ok.



Sree Vishnu

Few scenes



Story, Screenplay, Direction


Music, BGM


Rating Analysis

Sree Vishnu's Arjuna Phalguna directed by Teja Marini generated immense interest and many expected the rural backdrop and Sree Vishnu's mannerisms will attract viewers ahead of the New Year. However, Teja Marini disappointed all with the weak story, listless narration, spineless screenplay, and illogical direction testing the patience of the movie lovers. Though Sree Vishnu tried to carry the film on his shoulders, weak storyline and script, uninspiring dialogues undid his efforts. For all his penchant to star in different genre films, Sree Vishnu failed to get his decision right. Teja Marini came with a routine story with a lack of twists and turns and ended up giving immense torture to the viewers. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.5 rating to Arjuna Phalguna.


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