Appudala Ippudila Review

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Appudala Ippudila Review
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Appudala Ippudila Review, What’s Behind: Hero Surya Teja known with films like Vinayakudu, Shambho Shiva Shambho and few other films is debuting now as a full-fledged hero on Jampa Creations banner with this film directed by debutant KR Vishnu. With Kannada beauty Harshika Poonacha as heroine, let’s get deep into review portion.

Appudala Ippudila Story: Lakshmi Narayana (Suman) is a man good at heart with noble attitude to help others. He begins a mission to repay the gratitude of four people who supported him in various stages of life. His son Chaitanya (Surya Teja) is complete contrast to father leading life on his own terms. After reaching to help three people, Lakshmi Narayana passes away. The irresponsible Chaitanya turns accountable to complete his father’s last wish and approaches the fourth person Jagadish Chandra (Naresh), a well laid off businessman. Impressed by the character, Jagadish Chandra asks Chaitanya to marry his daughter but only after making her fall in love. A shocked Chaitanya takes up the task. What happens in the climax is rest.

Appudala Ippudila Artists and Technicians: As a writer Vishnu’s storyline of helping four is surely a righteous idea. Such elements always precipitate feel goodness into narration inherently. However, the warmth and morality in principle thought is sidelined with poor screen writing and pale direction. In the name of commerciality, incompetent and incompatible threads harm the narration flow. This is the area where Vishnu would have remained plain spoken without indulging in atrophy. Writing department has done a good work in bits and pieces. PC Khanna’s camera work glazed the screen with colors. Uddhav’s editing could have been crispy. Sunil Kashyap scored couple of decent songs but RR stood weak. Production standards from Pradeep Jampa’s Jampa Creations are rich.

Onto performances, Surya Tej single handedly shouldered the film ably supported by senior artists like Suman, Naresh. From the word go, Surya Tej tried to ooze energy. May it be funny and undernourished romantic track with heroine or drama episodes with Suman or fun in company of Naresh; he made his presence felt. Harsshika Poonacha looked beautiful in songs and acting wise, she did an average job. Suman’s presence is majestic. Naresh got a lengthy role and he did his best. Supreet’s track was written well but failed in presentation. Prabhas Srinu, Prithvi, Fish Venkat, Siva Reddy, Venu and big lot of comedians kept the proceedings going on. 

Appudala Ippudila Rating Analysis: Producer Pradeep Jampa and director KR Vishnu have picked an ethical storyline which is backbone for project to go on. From extracting the best out of artists to dispensing valuable content driven tracks, nothing went right. Poor screen writing and improper implementation sidetracked the basic spirit of story. For example, the romantic track of Harshika - Surya Teja is dragged without any purpose. Only by interval block, story comes back to comfort zone with Suman’s death and Naresh giving an entry. Into second half, few episodes could have stood out loud laughter yet feeble treatment kept the intensity to go down.

All in all, ‘Appudala Ippudila’ is a quality and colorful product among small movies with a strong point weakly presented. Few more efforts into writing and execution would have kept the product on a new level. Cinejosh rates ‘Appudala Ippudila’ with 2.25 stars for being dishonest towards honest storyline.                              

Appudala Ippudila Cinejosh Verdict: Noble Element – Weak Execution

                                                   Appudala Ippudila Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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