Anukshanam Review

Anukshanam Review
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Behind the Movie Anukshanam: Maverick RGV is always a good seller for good reasons linked to his technical skills and ability to market a film. ‘Anukshanam’ is hogging the limelight from the very start of its inception and now its release time. Starring Manchu Vishnu and a big star cast, let us see how far RGV peeped properly into these so called psycho mentalities of serial killers?

In the Movie Anukshanam: Story begins with introduction to a taxi driver Sitaram (Surya) who is on a killing spree. Yes, he is our serial killer with different motive and fascination. As count and cruelty of murders targeted at a particular sex, age group and timing shakes the city, Goutham (Manchu Vishnu) is roped in to solve this mystery. The strict police officer along with his team (Supreet, Shravan etc) begins to trace for clues but fails to even find a hair of Sitaram. Then enters a US returned Behavioral Science Professor Shailaja (Revathi) to help the police team. While Home Minister (Kota) and media (Madhu Shalini) embark with huge criticism against the police failure and Hyderabad begins to shiver with ever increasing victims, a small clue takes them close to Sitaram. However, they miss the chance while Shailaja begins to study so deep into Sitaram’s childhood and family. 

Values of the Movie Anukshanam: The depth of research RGV and his squad conducts on these kinds of odd subjects serves as a lesson for budding directors to learn. Despite a fact that, serial killers are alien for our formula cinema loving audience yet it is the sincerity in attempt one should be pleased with. Without wasting an iota of time, RGV getting into the story from very starting frame resulted in a crisp appreciable run time. Unlike the old charm in RGV movies, screenplay of ‘Anukshanam’ is feeble with kindergarten dialogue writing depreciating the final essence of a serial killer concept. If at all dialogues would have been better, ‘Anukshanam’ is a sure shot edge of the seat entertainer. Technical team has done a good work using flow-cam technology where in cinematography, editing and background have aroused and sustained the interest of patrons. Production values of AV are not too bad. 

Performance wise, Manchu Vishnu is carving a new image of own by selecting this kind of films. Being producer and hero here, Vishnu is acknowledged with advantages and drawbacks of experimenting on this subject. The level of maturity Vishnu attained as an artist was consciously visible in one episode of Police Station when Navdeep, Revathi, Supreet are sitting besides and Vishnu receives a shocking parcel from bloodthirsty killer. The frustration, self possession, confusion and complexion in character are dealt with equilibrium. If Revathi’s role was meant to impart knowledge on psycho killings, Madhu Shalini was over (re)acting. Psycho character done by Surya was simple, grabbing the attention. Kota was regular; Brahmanandam irritating and Supreet, Shravan got a tragic end.

Out of the Movie Anukshanam: Along with seriousness in narration, serial killing stories need psychological element to gratify the interests of viewers. More than wiping off the film on a casual note with formal screenplay, RGV touched the psychological rationale of these killers driving a message. Serial killers do not show urge for money or any other gains, they enjoy the pleasure in brutality of killings and love to seek the attention of humanity. They look innocent from outside with exemplarily clean handed look making it tougher for police to crack the cases. RGV got all these points noted in designing the characterizations of protagonist Manchu Vishnu and antagonist Surya. So, a serial killer need not necessarily have intense looks. In that case, Surya was an upright selection. 

‘Anukshanam’ is neither a suspense nor a thriller movie because the very opening scenes by large reveal the killer. Later, it is the approach of director and gripping screenplay should tighten the seat belts. Here RGV did not show his trademark. Murders happen one by one and police run one after other with media on chase. Really story moves no where except the barbarism in killer advertised. Instead of a second by second increase in pulse rate of public, RGV suppressed the gusto. All in all, ‘Anukshanam’ is not a regular commercial cinema. It has a hard hitting subject with commanding performances from Vishnu, Surya. In conclusion, ‘Anukshanam’ is a far better film than RGV’s past record. Bloodshed, barbarism, cruelty and severity are showed in RGV’s Psycho Angle. Recommended for gutsy and gallant audience!  

Cinejosh Verdict of Anukshanam: RGV, Vishnu Render A Killing Touch.

                                                             Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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