Anukoni Prayanam Review

Anukoni Prayanam Review
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Director: Venkatesh Pediredla
Producer: Dr.jagan Mohan D Y
Release Date: Fri 28th Oct 2022
Actors: Dr. Rajendraprasad
Anukoni Prayanam Rating: 1.5 / 5
Anukoni Prayanam Punchline: Emotions in slow motion

What's Behind

Rajendra Prasad known for his versatile performances is coming to entertain movie lovers with his film Anukoni Prayanam. The film directed by Venkatesh Pediredla is releasing on October 28, 2022.Anukoni Prayanam's OTT streaming will be done after the end of its theatrical run.  Let us see how it attracted movie lovers.

Story Review

Anukoni Prayanam story is all about the happenings in the lives of the contract workers and the after effects during the covid lockdown. Rajendra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) along with Raju (Narasimha Raju), Nagulu (Dhanraj), and others work at a construction site in Bhubaneswar. While Nagulu is keen to meet his wife to see his newborn daughter, his manager refuses to give him leave. However, things change quickly with the announcement of Lockdown due to lockdown. Where it leads to and how SI Ravi Babu (Ravi Babu), Doctor Kasturi (Prema), and Ayurvedic Doctor Sudhakar (Subhalekha Sudhakar) are related to the developments form the crux of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Anukoni Prayanam story readied by producer Jagan Mohan tried to highlight the emotional journey of people during the covid times and the subsequent lockdown. The director Venkatesh Pediredla who managed to highlight the emotions of the various actors, however, failed to do justice to the story. Director seems to have fallen in the confusion as to whether to highlight the emotions or the lockdown aspect and this resulted in many scenes getting repeated and dragged. In between, he has taken many cinematic liberties including illogical scenes and forced expressions. After the slow narration throughout the film, it seems the director lost patience and decided not to test the patience of the viewers and rushed through the climax.

Rajendra Prasad came up with a stellar performance. He showed his acting prowess and proved that he is really Natakireeti. The way he carried himself on the screen, emoting and expressing showing different variations makes a lasting impression. He in fact carried the film on his shoulders. Narasimha Raju as the friend of Rajendra Prasad played an important role and did well. Prema and Ravi Babu played important roles and they made their presence felt. Others like  Tulasi, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Narayanarao, Ananth, Prabhas Srinu, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Jogi Brothers, Dhanraj, Kancharapalem Kishore, Gemini Suresh, Thagubothu Ramesh performed according to their roles.

The songs tuned by  Siva Dinavahi are emotional and situational. The background music is good. Mallikarjun Naragani as the cinematographer showed the village and rural atmosphere and other elements in an appealing manner doing full justice to his job.Ram Tumu's editing left many drags in the film which slowed the pace considerably. Dialogues of Paruchuri Brothers are routine and emotional but at times made an impact. Production values are good.


  • Rajendra Prasad


  • Routine elements
  • Story,Screenplay,Direction
  • Editing

Rating Analysis

Rajendra Prasad who is earlier known for his hilarious entertainers, long time back created a niche for himself for different genre roles. Anukoni Prayanam directed by Venkatesh Pediredla is an emotional drama in the covid lockdown backdrop. Many such films and plots came and this is no different. However, for the familiar storyline and predictable narration, Venkatesh Pediredla emerged successful by highlighting the emotions of various characters in an impressive and exceptional manner. But with no real story and forced emotions and expressions taking the centre stage along with illogical scenes and artificial elements, the impact got reduced completely. Altogether Anukoni Prayanam is an emotional saga with Rajendra Prasad making an impact. Considering all these elements Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 rating for Anukoni Prayanam.

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