Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha Review

Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha Review
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Behind The Movie 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha': Indraganti Mohanakrishna, who won 11 awards through his debut venture 'Grahanam', while directed the decent flicks 'Ashtamma Chamma' and 'Golconda High Schol', has once again come up with the film 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha'. On the other hand, Sumanth Ashwin, who is just one film old with 'Tuneega..Tuneegaa', is all set to try his luck at the box office. Let's dissect how well the movie has been made.

In The Movie 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha': Anil( Sumanth Ashwin) is the son of a nursery owner at Kadium( Rao Ramesh).  He wishes to get married a girl who is brought up in the city. Also, he prefers love marriage rather arranged marriage. To fulfill his ambitions, he leaves for Hyderabad and thereby he starts an office of Flower Suppliers. He finds Ananya( Eesha), a painter of greeting cards in a function. Straightaway, he falls for her and starts to woo her. She, too shows interest on him. On one day, they decide to get married. However, they get embarrassed predicting the life after marriage. Finally, both of them decide to go for having live in relationship to see their compatibility. Also, they decided not reveal this matter to anybody. Subsequently, they take a flat and occupy it. The conflicts and misunderstandings between them start here. They come across various mixed emotional feelings during their life journey such as love,hatred, agony,anger etc. While, their story go on like this, we come across the lives of two more couples in parallel and they are the parents of Anil and the parents of Ananya( Ravibabu and Madhubala). Ananya's parents always quarrel each other and this factor disturbed Ananya. On the other hand,Anil's mother( Rohini) use to make strange visits to Hyderabad due  to mysterious reasons. The stories of these three couples finally lead to an emotional climax. Will Anil and Ananya continue their relationship? Will Ananya's parent end up their arguments? Why does Anil's mother visit Hyderabad quite often alone? Watch the movie on big screen to know the answers.

Values of the Movie 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha': Indraganti Mohanakrishna has made this movie as a decent and tender love story. He has been successful in grabbing the feelings of youth. Most of the scenes in the first half are a direct target of youth audiences. While in the second half, he tried to reveal real life situations after marriages. In this process of depicting the journey of two lovers, the director has dragged some of the sequences in the film. Music by Kalyani Koduri was ok.'Ye Inti Ammayi' song was good. Cinematography was apt.  

Sumanth Ashwin looked handsome though he appeared very slim. He has expressive eyes and his performances was promising. Maybe he will become one the good young heroes in future. New babe, Eesha, was a bit chubby at looks. However she has done her best in performance wise. Rao Ramesh did good in his stereotype role. Ravibabu was decent as Eesha's father. Veteran actress, Madhubala had got some interesting scenes to perform. Jhansi, in the role of the owner of Ananya was bubby. Rohini was okay. Srinivas Avasarala generated sufficient laughs through his punch dialogues. 

Out of The Movie 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha': The first half of the movie was very decent with cute love story. Some of the romantic scenes such as 'Lovers preparing noodles in moonlight at the outskirts of the city', 'Hero telling birthday wishes to heroine through video call, plucking lotuses in a pond' etc. scenes were heart tickling. However, the second half of the movie was a big let down as most of the times both the hero and heroines seen quarreling among themselves due to petty reasons. Another drawback of the movie is that entire movie runs in a slow pace and sometimes it appeared like a TV serial. On a whole, the movie can grab the attention of multiplex audiences while its fate in B and C centers is yet to be seen. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha': Anthaku Mundu Decent Romance.... Aa Taruvatha Disgusting Quarrels.

                                                    Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                                           Reviewed by VJM

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