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Anna Review
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Behind the Movie Anna: Tamil hero Vijay established small market of his own in Telugu with ‘Tupaki’ is here again with this new movie in direction of AL Vijay. With Amala Paul as heroine and GV Prakash as music director, let us see what is this movie all about?

In the Movie Anna: Story begins with clashes between two groups in Mumbai, one headed by local don Anna Ram Murthy (Sathyaraj). In order to save the little son from this bloodshed and violence, Anna sends him to Australia. Fast forward by many years, the kid grows as dancer Vishwa (Vijay) still in touch with dad Anna but has never been to Mumbai. Here starts the romantic thread between Meera (Amala Paul), daughter of a restaurant owner (Suresh) in Australia and Vishwa. When the time comes for marriage between two, Meera’s parents wanted to meet Anna and they come down to Mumbai along with Vishwa. A series of shocking incidents reveal that Meera and her father are Police Officers on special duty appointed to nail down Anna. Very soon Anna is killed in a brutal bomb blast by the rival group of Bhima (Abhimanyu Singh) and Vishwa is arrested. 

How did Vishwa take up the responsibility of Anna? How he saved Dharavi and other slums from the clutches of Bhima and a corrupt Minister? Where there any back stabbings in Vishwa turned Anan team? Finally, how Anna has put an end to Bhima is rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Anna: Concepts on a common man evolving as Godfather are seen numerous times on Indian screen. ‘Anna’ is one more such film narrating on how a common man like Vishwa turned into a leader on demand of atmosphere built around him. Elements of revenge, betrayal and a bit of message are common in these kinds of scripts. AL Vijay grinded all these ingredients well into ‘Anna’ but the slow moving screenplay and many old fashioned episodes damaged the final out. Especially, the episode leading to climax and pre-climax should have dealt far better. Like ‘Tupaki,’ there are some brainy, intelligently scripted sequences placed in first and second halves saved the movie. There are equal number of crests and troughs in the narration graph. 

Performance wise Vijay’s character has been underplayed for major portion. The change over in Vijay from a stylish dancer in first half to a responsible, spirited leader in second half is well managed. Even the way, characterization of Vijay is forced to change as Anna with simple and content filled scenes shown in first 15 minutes of second half are dealt superbly. Amala Paul, the dusky beauty has also fit well into this dual shaded character. Sathyaraj is into a powerful role and engaged the viewers with solid screen presence. Coming to humor portions, Santhanam delivered many one line punches providing the entertainment. Abhimanyu Singh is a weak villain while second heroine Ragini Nandwani is beautiful in a purposeful character.                

Major asset of ‘Anna’ is the highly professional cinematography of Nirav Shah. The marvelous visuals and polished presentation elevated the much needed richness. Anthony’s editing should have been crispier in second half. GV Prakash’s background score is matchless. In contrast, songs are not so great. Dialogues are just fair to middling. Production values of Cine Galaxy and Kasi Vishwanatham are noteworthy.

Anna is not a complete heady movie. In some portions, the flow is poignant while in some portions, it becomes very lazy. Basically, the concept taken is very serious. In order to balance the movie, AL Vijay added a good romantic track peppered with comedy of Santhanam. In fact, story begins to unfold only in pre-interval episodes. Interval bang was arousing. Then first 20 to 30 minutes of second half was also zesty. Then the forceful addition of Locals Vs Non-Locals communal riots used as major block to lead towards climax made the movie lose its pace. Then climax was stereotypical and not mammoth.

Commercial run of ‘Anna’ in Andhra Pradesh depends upon how Telugu audiences receive the heroism of Vijay.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Anna: Vijay (Hero) & Vijay (Director) Have a Small Lead.  

                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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