Andhagadu Review

Andhagadu Review
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Director: Veligonda Srinivas
Producer: Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Release Date: Fri 02nd Jun 2017
Actors: Raj Tharun, Hebbah Patel, Rajendra Prasad
Andhagadu Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Andhagadu - Blind Man Revenge

Andhagadu Review, What’s Behind:

Young hero Raj Tharun gained a secured hero image in company of heroine Hebbah Patel. Writer turned director Veligonda Srinivas helming the romantic revenge thriller of a visually challenged protagonist, let us see how far the film struck to the basic advantages in Raj Tharun?

Andhagadu Story Review:

Gautham (Raj Tharun) approaches an eye specialist (Ashish Vidyarthi) requesting to remove his eyes as he is troubled by two issues. One is his love interest Dr Nethra (Hebbah Patel) and second is Ranjith Kulakarni (Rajendra Prasad). Here Gautham narrates his own flashback of being born blind and bought up in an orphanage before falling in love with Dr Nethra. In no time, Nethra finds an eye donor for Gautham and regains his vision. But, problems begin here when Kulakarni enters into Gautham’s life to take revenge on two criminals (Raja Ravindra and others). Who is Kulakarni? What is these criminals connection with Gautham? What’s the clever ploy Gautham played on Dr Nethra, her father and eye specialist is the rest of twists and turns.  

Andhagadu Artists, Technicians Review:

As an established, senior most writer transforming into a director, Veligonda Srinivas had proper hold on Telugu audience tastes. The plot on visually challenged hero intrinsically had large space for humor based entertainment and he used it to the most. But once Veligonda Srinivas approached core story element, he fumbled forcibly by joining unnecessary, over weighted revenge drama threaded sub-seeds on a non-star hero. Resultantly, second half misses the goal making Andhagadu a regular film with unessential stuff. Writing part is a praiseworthy effort for some catchy one line punches. Rajasekhar’s camera work is far superior to past projects from the same banner. Hebbah’s glamour is juiced beautifully by camera department. Editing is though sharp and well paced, there is lot more to do in second half. Sekhar Chandra’s couple of energetic song compositions did the job and so is the background score. Production standards from Rambrahmama Sunkara and ATV Entertainments are good.

About artists, Raj Tharun showed his same ease and competence in taking up a challenging blind character. His histrionics and comic punches are too good timed. Variation showed as an action hero on revenge mission isn’t his cup of tea. Hebbah Patel is glamorously on top and lost significance in second half. One more time, Raj-Hebbah’s chemistry is amazing. Rajendra Prasad is absolutely wasted. Comedian Sathya hooked the first half. Raja Ravindra is so-so in villainy. Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde did their part. Rest may not need a special mention.

Andhagadu Review Positives:

First Half

Raj Tharun-Hebbah Patel Chemistry


Andhagadu Review Drawbacks:

Second Half

Rajendra Prasad

Too Many Convolutions

Cliché Childhood Flashback

Andhagadu Review Rating Analysis: 

When a proven writer wears a director cap, obviously we expect some refreshing storyline and engaging screenplay. In contrast, Veligonda took a beaten to death commercial revenge plot added new fangled treatment, colorful screenplay. Definitely, he stood up to the Telugu cinema standard with hilarious writing but fell short to be called a master stroke in direction. Inconsistent narrative is the key technicality pulled down the audience excitement level. At the same time, overtly dragged boring scenes served speed breakers into a rather free flowing story telling process. Had Veligonda used alone Rajendra Prasad to make-up for most of second half, result could have been bettered. 

After a fun filled flying trajectory in the beginning when Raj Tharun, Ashish Vidyarthi sit up for flash back, writer in Veligonda unleashed in all the scenes canned between Raj Tharun, Hebbah Patel, Sudarshan and Sathya. Romantic track though had enough cinematic liberties, it never gets bored. Simultaneously, the key villainy link is also established. After passing the two big hurdles clearing the misunderstandings between hero, heroine…time when Rajendra Prasad makes an entry, proceedings slow down thus revealing a shocking twist in interval block. 

Into second half, entertainment takes backseat as ill flavored Rajendra Prasad-Raj Tharun’s deceiving conflict is a mixture of blunders. Time when multiple convolutions in screenplay begins to take the toll, even narrative moves on in all dull shades before Ashish Vidyarthi breaks the ice for hero’s actual childhood flashback. As the well kept secret is revealed, rest is a ritual with regular confusing comedy and needless heroism.

All in all, Andhagadu seems to be an attempt by Raj Tharun to cross the medium range hero barrier by performing action stunts in simple revenge plot expanded by a cheated ghost sub thread. Yet, the advantage served by Veligonda in first half evaporates in second half. Commercial potentiality lies more in acceptance levels of audience in B, C centers. So, Cinejosh rates Andhagadu with 2.75 stars for its strong entertainment quotient in first half.

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