Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review
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Director: Chandra Siddhartha
Producer: Utopia Entertainers
Release Date: Fri 14th May 2010
Actors: Sharwanand
Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Andari Bandhuvaya - Kondari Bandhuvaya.

Behind the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya: Chandra Siddhartha of ‘Aa Naluguru’ fame has kept audience in waiting for this movie from long time. Sharwanand looking fresh from the success of ‘Prasthanam’ and gorgeous Padma Priya to support him, this ‘Andari Bandhuvaya’ was released today with positive talk from insiders. Let us see, was it really apt to the title?

In the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya: Sharwanandagopal called as Nandu (Sharwanand) hails from a small village Chakkilampadu. Nandu arrives in city as an employee of Aircel and his beautiful colleague is Padma Priya called as Paddu (Padma Priya), a miser who is pulling of her entire family which has a widow mother (Pragathi) and two sisters. Circumstances turn in such a way that Nandu and his friend (Vijay Sai) joins as tenants in Paddu’s house.

Nandu is a very kind hearted person who goes all out to help others who are in need. He never thinks about himself, he lives happily with the joy and pride that is attained by helping others. In one instance, Nandu even gives in writing to offer his eyes and heart to local goon Jangaiah (RK) for Rs.5 Lakhs which help his school master’s family. Such is his broad and generous heart.

Soon, Nandu receives a call from village that his father Hanmanthu (Naresh) is serious. Now, Nandu along with Paddu travel to village where she is surprised by the love, affection, human nature, attitude of helping others of Hanmanthu and his son Nandu (Real USP of the movie) and she falls in love with Nandu. Paddu is now a changed human being who learns moral values of helping others.

Small twist in the story is that, Nandu is not the real son of Hanmanthu but son of a billionaire Sridhar (Anand) who leaves his son and wife getting greedy for money. Now, he is back to take back his son Nandu, but is impressed by the bonding between Hanmanthu and Nandu. When love starts to bud between Nandu and Paddu, here comes her baava from USA to marry Paddu’s sister but falls flat for Paddu’s looks and changes his mind to marry only and only Paddu.

Nandu and Paddu sketch out a plot to get rid of him and make him realize his mistake. Exactly at this moment Jangaiah suffering with heart disease urgently needs to go for transplantation while Nandu has already signed the agreement to offer his heart. Will Jangaiah take Nandu’s heart? How did Nandu reciprocate to the help of Jangaiah? form the ultimate scenes of this movie.

Values of the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya: In this busy modern world where everything runs on the only formula of ‘Give and Take (Barter System)’ Chandra Siddhartha has attempted with purest form of humanity and characters of Nandu and his father Hanmanthu stand upright for these human values. 'Help' should always be one sided, never expect anything in return from those who are in need. That is the true defintition of 'Living.'

Sharwanand is evolving with each movie. He was apt as Nandu to reach your heart many a times. Especially in emotional scenes he developed a lot. He well handled the romantic scenes with Padma Priya and comedy part.

Naresh is at very much ease with the character of Hanmanthu and he gives one of his best performances so far.

Padma Priya was gorgeous. Her character is a perfect mix of balance between responsibility and glamour. As a daughter pulling the entire family she looked girl next door, comes the songs she looked awesome and a perfect dancer with an ease in body language.

Next to speak about are Vijay Sai and Krishna Bhagawan tried to evoke laughter and were successful. RK, the Hyderabad Nawab’s emotional scenes worked well. Others like MS Narayana, Anand, Pragathi and others were okay.

Technicalities wise, Chandra Siddhartha along with Balabhadrapatruni Ramani runs away with accolades story wise. They well spoke the language of hearts which every body know about. Humanity and social responsibility can never be extinct in our lives, what it needs is only a right shock at right time to awaken it. Exactly this is where both of them scored marks. Screenplay wise Chandra Siddhartha looked unimpressive and does not reach the levels of ‘Aa Naluguru.’ Sorry to say that, but a genuine content like this demands well etched out characterizations that should stand out in the entire movie. But, this does not happen with ‘Andari Bandhuvaya.’ Direction wise, Chandra Siddhartha left the essence of his story to air in second half. He looked to be not at his regular flow. Dialogues by Balabhadrapatruni Ramani stand out in few occasions. Here are to pick the few:

1.    Pakshulaki konchem dhanyam, Pasuvulaki konchem ghraasam, Manishiki konchem saayam…ade jeevitam.
2.    Aadapilla edchetappudu addamlo choosukunte mallee janmalo edavadu.
3.    Vaarasathavam ante vachche aasthi okkate kaadu, sugunaalu koodaa undaali
4.    Swechcha anedi aatma sthairyaanni penchelaa undaali kaani ammukunelaa undakoodadu.
5.    Nuvvu MLA ayyaaka India lo thakkuva foreignlo ekkuva untunnaav.
Music by Anup Rubens was soothing with songs like ‘Kalla Mundu Nuvvu’ while back ground score was also good. Lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad were meaningful. Gummadi Jayakrishna’s cinematography looked aesthetic in songs. Editing by Nandamuri Hari was also up to the mark. Production values of Utopia Entertainers and Filmotsav are also okay.

Out of the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya: People around us are kind in nature but their kindness is popped out only at particular instances. Life is more about giving and less about taking. One who offers his/her helping hand to people around them…he/she is our true ‘Bandhuvu.’ The real happiness behind giving is clearly termed as dichotomy between foolishness Vs weakness and fear Vs love. Concept on line is a heart touching one but when it comes to implementation its flavor needs to be spilled in the total length of the movie. But, this does not happen in ‘Andari Bandhuvaya.’ First half few minutes, audience felt a bit of dullness and unimportant things dominating the movie. Once the characters of Nandu and Paddu enter the village, movie picks up and starts to touch the heart. Particularly the scene where entire village arrives before Hanmanthau’s house for a marriage will water the eyes easily. A strong dose of such scenes once in a while would have made the movie worthwhile. On total you find only three to four such occasions where our hearts really feel the pinch. First half last 45 minutes was a good run for the move trying to impart the message with emotion. In second half, Chandra Siddhartha has diluted his core theme for the sake of nothing and this was suicidal for movie as audience started getting deviated from the main track of movie. It was only in the climax that, director once again picked up his missed story line to end the movie. If Sharwanand, Naresh, Padma Priya, noble story line, good music are treated as positives; the loose second half, killing the characterizations, no emotional peaks, dilution of the main theme are hurting. All in all, this is not like ‘Aa Naluguru.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya: Not up to the title…only Kondari Bandhuvaya.

                                                                                                            Reviewd by Srivaas

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