Ammayi Ladki Review

Ammayi Ladki Review
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Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Jing Liu, Naresh.T, Sridhar.T
Release Date: Fri 15th Jul 2022
Actors: Pooja Bhalekar
Ammayi (Ladki) Rating: 1 / 5
Ammayi (Ladki) Punchline: Ladki: Perversion of RGV

What's Behind

Ram Gopal Varma who a long time back lost his sheen now came up with Ladki, boasting it to be a tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee. The film hit the screens today and let us see what impact Ladki made on viewers.

Story Review

Pooja (Pooja Bhalekar) has a strong reason to become a die-hard fan of legendary Bruce Lee and practices his technique Jeet Kune Do and pursue her marital arts dream training under a martial arts instructor (Tianlong Shi). She takes on anyone and everyone with her expertise in martial arts and she gets a shock when she returns back after her boyfriend Neil takes her on a surprise trip to Bruce Lee's birthplace in China. To find out the shock and how Pooja dealt with it and how it is connected to the goons (Abhimanyu Singh,Rajpal Yadav,Vamsi) and others, watch Ammayi on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his maverick ways and cleverly promoted the film as a tribute to the Legend Bruce Lee. However, even he knows that it is just a C-grade film. RGV instead of showing the expertise in martial arts and the training how Bruce Lee did and how Pooja got inspired, used Bruce Lee's poster and showed Pooja Bhalekar doing the stunts in swimsuits and bikinis. This itself shows his perversion. Though Pooja Bhalekar put in a lot of effort to train in martial arts and also enacted high-octane action stunts, everything goes unnoticed thanks to Ram Gopal Varma who concentrated only on exposing her bare body from various angles.

Ram Gopal Varma came with a senseless and mindless story and his screenplay and direction are atrocious. RGV long time back forgot the filmmaking and so there is no need to talk about the non-existing story, screenplay, and direction. All his shots looked like he wants to overdo what he did with Urmila Matondkar in Rangeela. All the shots filmed on Pooja Bhalekar be it action sequences, beach scenes or songs looked similar to that. Others got limited screen presence.

Pooja Bhalekar overindulged in skin show and it is a prerequisite to get a chance in RGV's film. Others like Tianlong Shi, Rajpal Yadav, Ravi Kale, Abhimanyu Singh, Parth Suri passed through the motions. Kamal R. the editor got nothing to do but just to edit everything other than Pooja Bhalekar's sexy show. Rammy is instructed to use his camera angles to elevate the glamor and curves of Pooja Bhalekar in all possible ways. Ravi Shankar's music and BGM is in sync with RGV's psyche.



Pooja Bhalekar



Story, Screenplay, Direction

Rating Analysis

Ram Gopal Varma long time back reached his nadir. One cannot expect anything better than that from him now. One can only pray that he doesn't stoop to new lows. But just like the sky is high for everyone, low is the new low for Ram Gopal Varma. CJ goes with a 1.0 rating for Ladki.


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