Ammammagarillu Review

Ammammagarillu Review
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Director: Sundar Surya
Producer: Rajesh
Release Date: Fri 25th May 2018
Actors: Naga Shourya
Ammammagarillu Rating: 2.5 / 5
Ammammagarillu Punchline: One More Dull Family Drama

Ammammagarillu Review, What’s Behind:

Young and handsome Naga Shourya who scored a hit with Chalo is here in Ammammagarillu starring Shamili as heroine. Films made on family bonding and strong emotions have high success rate in Telugu. Director Sundar Surya raked interest on the movie with catchy promotional material aimed at family audience. Let us get into the actual review part?

Ammammagarillu Story Review:

Pithapuram living Ammamma (Sumitra) has only one last wish to see all her well grown and settled five children gather at home. Santosh (Naga Shourya), maternal grandson of this Ammamma makes all out efforts to erase the differences between his father (Suman) and uncle (Rao Ramesh) with the help of Maradalu, childhood sweet heart (Shamili) to fulfill grand ma’s 20 years wish. Though all five families land in Pithapuram for their share of divided property, emotions unite them to make way for happy ending. 

Ammammagarilu Story, Technicians Review:

Like every film made on authentic Telugu family drama and emotion, the central premise of Ammammagarilu is nothing different. But the big difference made by director Sundar Surya is the penultimate drive on emotional tear jerky scenes which pulled off the film. Though screenplay moved at lethargic pace with nothing much to offer in drawing the characterizations, it’s the latter part when all these characters unite, the drama ripened. He also succeeded to an extent in establishing bonafied mood to keep his weak narrative on go. Thanks to tremendous support from cameraman Rasool Ellore’s colorful visuals within the restricted house set and Kalyana Ramana’s subjugate background score. Writing part strikes chord many a times. JP’s editing is a little formulaic and leisure. Production standards from Rajesh are in fact good.

About performances, Naga Shourya and Rao Ramesh are key artists who added intensity to the emotions. Shourya is as usual good at looks resembling boy next door and his pain in fulfilling grand ma’s wish is handled with balance. Rao Ramesh’s role is into the central conflict and his peculiar dialogue delivery kept the impact sustained. Every time, Rao Ramesh takes up this sort of characters, he himself excels to raise the standard bar. Shamili hasn’t got much to do while Sumitra is too good as Ammamma. Among other artists, we have Shivaji Raja, Sudha, Hema, Sriram, Ravi Prakash to complete the family while Shakalaka Shankar’s humor is a relief. 

Ammammagarillu Review Advantages:

Naga Shourya

Rao Ramesh


Second Half

Ammammagarillu Review Drawbacks:

Boring Narrative

Predictable Screenplay

Weak Episodes

TV Serial Treatment


Ammagarillu Review, Rating Analysis:

Films like Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Shatamanam Bhavathi, Uyyala Jampala have set right examples for rural family drama entertainers pulling down us into past memory lanes. Ammammagarillu falls into the same groove to take us back to olden times when we used to visit our Ammamma during summer or festive holidays. Playing the safe chord in central plot, Ammammagarillu never deviated from its theme though screenplay is so predictable.       

First half kick starts with development of rifts between family members leading to Chalapathi Rao’s death and Rao Ramesh leaving the house. As protagonist’s childhood episode ends, 20 years forward and Naga Shourya sets himself on a mission to reunite the divided family settled in various parts. All five children, Rao Ramesh, Sudha, Shivaji Raja, Hema and Ravi Prakash to Pithapuram for their share of divided property. Shamili’s romance and misunderstanding with Shourya are weak, stumbling blocks. Shakalaka Shankar is fine to major part. Proceedings go at leisure pace imparting boredom and we find no big twists or turns to excite us. Interval block is also formulaic.

Second half is the area where narrative gets some lease of life. All the tricks played by Shourya to keep the family members hooked to Ammamma’s place find a result. Romance too blossoms. Key portion of Lock Your Age concept and realization on the importance of family, bonding over busy, money centric life is well handled. With feel good emotions and tear jerker scenes roll one after the other, the track of Posani used to steer for climax is also expected for a happy ending.

All in all, Ammammagarillu is a clean and neat film that can be watched one time with entire family if you have enough patience to bear the slow narrative. Rao Ramesh and Shourya excelled in crucial characters. CJ goes with 2.5 stars. Good promotions from here on can help the film to keep its hold for at least two to three weeks in this summer season end.


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