Ami Thumi Review

Ami Thumi Review
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Director: Indraganti Mohanakri
Producer: Narasimha Rao
Release Date: Fri 09th Jun 2017
Actors: Vennela Kishore, Adivi Sesh, Avasarala Srinivas, Eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal
Ami Thumi Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Ami Thumi - Vennela Kishore Show All The Way

Ami Thumi Review, What’s Behind:

Director Indraganti Mohanakrishna is known for witty writing and humorous handling of scripts. On the lines of his hit film Ashta Chemma is the screwball comedy film Ami Thumi made, starring Avasarala Srinivas, Adivi Sesh in main leads along with Vennela Kishore. Let’s get into Ami Thumi review to know more about.

Ami Thumi Story Review:

Deepika (Eesha), daughter of businessman Gangadhar Rao (Tanikella Bharani) is in love with a Sales Manager Ananth (Adivi Sesh). In parallel, Deepika’s brother Vijay (Avasarala Srinivas) is also deeply in love with Maaya (Aditi Myakal), daughter of Gangadhar Rao’s enemy. An upset Gangadhar Rao disagrees for both these love stories to have a happy ending and selects Sri Chilipi (Vennela Kishore) from Vizag to marry Deepika. How Deepika and her maid (Shyamala Devi) trap Sri Chilipi in a confusing situation is all the fun drive leading to a familiar climax.

Ami Thumi Artists, Technicians Review:

Though the film is stated as a mini multi starrer with the presence of young noted artists in lead roles, it is alone Vennela Kishore’s impeccable comic timing and Indraganti’s chuckle-some writing shined. In story or content terms, there is nothing much to mention. Indraganti steals the show with his side splitting treatment well worked out on Sri Chilipi character. Like Ashta Chemma, this film too holds well on clever word play with a racy screenplay. Direction wise, Indraganti’s mastery competence of finishing the final product in a shoestring budget in very less number of working days demands all the appreciation. Yet quality of the film is fine. Has there been still more solidarity added into the core content rather than keeping it lighter vein, Ami Thumi could have definitely been a surprise winner. Writing part, Indraganti is flawless. PG Vinda’s camera work is more than enough for a film of this scale and so is Kotagiri’s crisp editing made the film to have a reasonable runtime. Mani Sharma’s background score became a part of storytelling and there are only two situational songs. Production standards from A Green Tree Production of KC Narasimha Rao are just fine.

About artists, Vennela Kishore tore apart as Sri Chilipi, the perfect author backed role in recent times. His ease with division of words, dialogues into pieces and throwing them at amazing timing needs a solid underlining. Any artist other than Kishore, straight away Ami Thumi is a disaster. Adivi Sesh and Avasarala Srinivas struck to their moderately written characters. Eesha Rebba was adequate while Aditi Myakal was different on looks. Tanikella Bharani went overboard at times. Shyamala, the Jogini from Telangana is a new find. Rest may not need to mention.

Ami Thumi Review Positives:

Vennela Kishore

Indraganti Writing

Crisp Runtime 

First Half 

Ami Thumi Review Drawbacks:

Cliché’ Story

No Strong Situations

Second Half

Nothing For Masses

Ami Thumi Review Rating Analysis:

Indraganti having known for simple storytelling on well written characterizations, he missed the same original spark of Ashta Chemma or Gentleman in Ami Thumi. Strenuous situations and forcibly extended scenes made story stagnate and flutter within a closed circuit. Except slapstick comedy with satirical humor from Kishore, none of the characters had spine to jump on the situation. Indirectly, Ami Thumi became Kishore’s one man show as rest of the hero and heroine artists became mere supportive. After a point of time, audience slowly began to lose excitement though Kishore continues to hit the soft spot at regular intervals.

After a sluggish take off introducing the five core characters (Avasarala, Adivi, Eesha, Aditi, Tanikella), real momentum to the narrative is offered only with Kishore’s entry. He keeps the proceedings to move on very smartly as every word atypically sounded in his accent keeps us engaged. Scenes written between Kishore-Eesha or Kishore-Tanikella or Kishore-Shyamala are the potential savers. Towards interval, Adivi’s kidnap makes first half an easy to go fare.

Into second half, story moves on regular lines depending more on Kishore as rest of the artists appear only now and then. Situations get silly with time pushing the film towards climax. Marriage arrangements made during the last stages did not bring out any laugh loud moments. Making Kishore total scapegoat in last portions end the film on a regular note.

All in all, Ami Thumi is worth a time pass for Kishore and Indraganti. Commercial verdict can’t be encouraging in lower order centers and A center audience may like it for a while. Cinejosh rates Ami Thumi with 2.75 stars and wait for overall commercial verdict to speak the rest.

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