Alluri Review

Alluri Review
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Director: Pradeep Varma
Producer: Bekkem Venugopal
Release Date: Fri 23rd Sep 2022
Actors: Sree Vishnu,Kadayu Lohar
Alluri Movie Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Alluri Movie - Routine Cop Story

What's Behind

Sree Vishnu who is known for different entertainers, this time decided to deviate from his genre and is coming with a mass action entertainer Alluri. The film directed by Pradeep Varma is releasing on September 23,2022. Let us whether Sree Vishnu is successful in his mass attempt.

Story Review

Alluri story is all about a sincere and honest police officer Alluri Rama Seeta Rama Raju. Alluri Seeta Rama Raju (Sree Vishnu) joins the police force and rises through the ranks in no time with his sincereity,honesty and daredevil approach. Where this leads to, how the lives of his wife (Kadayu Lohar), his superiors (Suman, Pruthviraj,Raja Ravundra)), colleagues and subordinates (Tanikella Bharani,Madhusudhan) affected from the crux of the developments.

Artists, Technicians Review

Alluri story highlights the rise of a sincere cop and how he takes on the anti social elements and also the pressure and politics in the system. Pradeep Varma's story has shades of many hit cop films and they resemble Suriya's Singham, Raviteja's Krack etc. Pradeep Varma started the narration in a sluggish and silly manner and this leaves people wonder whether he is making a laughing stock of the police force. However he enters into his groove quickly and from there on there is no stopping. But his narration goes up and down like moodswings and after the action sequence,he slips into the romantic mode. Romantic scenes slows the pace of the film.

But the intense pre interval and interval block sets the stage for the power packed second half. But into the second half, Pradeep Varma, instead of action blocks concentrates on investigation mode and though this is interesting, slows the tempo and few romantic and emotional scenes drags the story a bit. But once the action sequences arrive, he goes all guns blazing. For all the hype, the second  half slides down and climax ends on a routine manner. Dialogues are impactful to some extent but illogical scenes mar the proceedings.

Sree Vishnu tried completely different role in his career. He worked on his physique and changed his look for the role. He performed well in the role and enacted breathtaking stunts and action sequences to delight his fans. He is apt in his body language as a cop. His dialogue delivery is perfect and powerful. However, as Sree Visnu till now did soft roles, it becomes difficult for his fans to digest him in such a powerful role. To the fop of it, at times his face looked odd on the screen.

Kadayu Lohar who made her debut on screen with this film got good screen presence though her role is routine. She however oozed with glamor in songs in traditional sarees and western outfits. However she should work on her expressions. Tanikella Bharani did the role quite well coming up with good emotions while Suman did his role perfectly. Raja Ravindra and Pruthviraj performed according to their roles while Ravi Varma and Madhusudhan got limited screen presence.

Harshavardhan Rameshwar's music is just ok. The songs are shot in a beautiful manner and in exotic locations but the placement impacted the pace of the film. However,he elevated the scenes with his thumping background score. Cinematography of Raj Thota is good and in sync with the story. Dharmendra Kakarala's editing left a lot to be desired. Action sequences are well choreographed.Production values are good.


Sree Vishnu

Action sequences




Routine elements

Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sree Vishnu can use Alluri performance showcasing that he too can do intense mass action entertainers. Pradeep Varma however had a roller coster ride with Alluri. The story turned out to be routine and then became weak and he flatered to deceive. Except for action blocks, investigation scenes, it offered nothing interesting. Screenplay and direction failed to take the narration to another level. Altogether Alluri is just another cop story. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 2 rating for Alluri.

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