Alludu Adhurs Review

Alludu Adhurs Review
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Director: Santhosh Srinivas
Producer: Gorrela Subrahmanyam
Release Date: Thu 14th Jan 2021
Actors: Bellamkonda Srinivas
Alludu Adhurs Rating: 1.75 / 5
Alludu Adhurs Punchline: Alludu Bedhurs

Alludu Adhurs Review, What’s Behind?

Riding under the glory of continuous flops, Bellamkonda Srinivas is hoping to continue the flop streak before venturing into Bollywood with Chatrapathi remake. Santhosh Srinivas who is going through tough phase with flops has directed the film produced by Gorrela Subrahmanyam on grand scale with Nabha Natesh and Anu Emmanuel playing female leads. Let’s see whether ‘Alludu’ sentiment works for Bellamkonda…

Alludu Adhurs Story Review:

Srinivas (Bellamkonda Srinivas) who is averse to love cum marriage system due to an incident in his school days happens to meet Nizamabad thopu Jaipal Reddy’s (Prakash Raj) daughter Kaumudhi (Nabha Natesh) and falls in love. To win his love, Srinu has two challenges ahead- convincing Jaipal Reddy and also to deal with the threat from Gaja (Sonu Sood) who has rivalry with Reddy’s family. How he handled these two jobs is a two and half hour torture for us.

Alludu Adhurs Artists, Technicians Review:

Santhosh Srinivas seems to have stuck with the memories of Kandireega. The plotline of the film is akin to the Ram starrer. To make it look like a different film, he added a flashback for rivalry between Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj. Horror comedy in the lines of Kanchana doesn’t work out. Santhosh Srinivas failed completely in handling all the departments. Dialogues are pretty ordinary. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu will make us go color blind. He showed all expertise in capturing Nadhila Nadhila song exploring the beauty of Kashmir. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is the only saving grace. While 3 songs were good, his BGM tried to give life to the lifeless scenes. Tammiraju’s editing adds to large list of negatives. Production design is upright as visuals look lavish.

Onto artists, Bellamkonda Srinivas in the quest of attaining mass hero image is focusing more on fights and dances and forgot that story is the major factor to decide fate of any film. He is no match to Raghava Lawrence in horror scenes. Except dances and fights, he is unfit as a hero material. Nabha Natesh irks with over the board performance at times. Anu Emmanuel looked gorgeous. She didn’t get much scope. Sonu Sood’s role is no different from Kandireega. Prakash Raj replaced Jayaprakash Reddy’s role in Kandireega. The film has many comedians like Vennela Kishore, Satya, Brahmaji, Chammak Chandra, Srinivas Reddy etc, all the talent is wasted with cheap comedy. Monal Gajjar oozed oomph in special song.

Alludu Adhurs Review Advantages:

Nothing Much Except Music

Alludu Adhurs Review drawbacks:

Almost Everything Other Than Music

Alludu Adhurs Review Rating Analysis:

Thankfully, of late many directors came out of ‘house comedy in second half’ and are coming up with different ideas to generate fun. But, Santhosh Srinivas still believes that there’s enough scope to fool audience, entertain with outdated format. Bellamkonda might have accepted this as he wanted to exhibit his acting skills with ‘various shades’. Nothing works as viewers run out of theater with cuss. 

The film begins with childhood episode of Bellamkonda and we had watched similar scenes in uncountable films. His introduction scene is a biggest ‘joke’ in recent times as he makes entry crossing two fast moving trains on his bike. Don’t blink your eyes or else you will miss the fun. Then, Prakash Raj is introduced as a powerful man in Nizamabad. But, our Bellamkonda makes him a joker with a scene where he challenges Prakash Raj to marry his daughter Nabha Natesh. After series of fights, Prakash Raj gives Bellamkonda a twist (of course, that’s not a twist for us), that he has a threat in form of Sonu Sood. Yes, you are done with first half and we saved your time.

Second half is continuity to begin the unlimited pain just after a tea break. Bellamkonda’s cat and mouse game with both Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj followed by loathsome comedy in the name of horror is unbearable. Prakash Raj and Satya’s hallucination episodes are peaks of hollowness in Alludu team. Pre climax hungama by Bellamkonda friends batch and predictable climax won’t give us relief until we see end card on screen.

All in all, Alludu Adhurs is combination of worse to the power of worse work from entire team. Although DSP gave some enjoyable songs, they are not enough to save film with so globe of negatives. CJ goes with 1.75 star rating and we advise you to skip the film for your safety! Enioy with kites and stay away from Alludu Adhurs theaters because it could be hazardous than COVID.


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