Alaa Ninnu Cheri Review

Alaa Ninnu Cheri Review
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Director: Maresh Shivan
Producer: Kommalapati Sai Sudhakar
Release Date: Fri 10th Nov 2023
Actors: Dinesh Tej, Payal Radhakrishna, Hebah Patel, Mahesh Achanta, Chammak Chandra, Mahboob Basha, Anashvi Kode
Alaa Ninnu Cheri Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Alaa Ninnu Cheri - Girl's Love vs Director's Drive

Alaa Ninnu Cheri (2023) Movie: What's Behind

This Deepavali, an under-the-radar romantic entertainer, Alaa Ninnu Cheri, featuring Dinesh Tej, Payal Radhakrishna, and Hebah Patel, is set to captivate audiences. Helmed by director Maresh Shivan, the film promises a blend of romance and youthful elements, as hinted in its engaging teaser and trailer. As the much-anticipated release date of November 10, 2023, approaches, let's delve into what Alaa Ninnu Cheri has in store for cinema enthusiasts.

Alaa Ninnu Cheri Movie: Story Review

Alaa Ninnu Cheri narrates the tale of Ganesh (Dinesh Tej), a young aspirant in the picturesque city of Vizag, harboring dreams of becoming a director. The plot unfolds when Ganesh, charmed by the beautiful Divya (Payal Radhakrishna), finds himself entangled in a love story that takes unexpected turns.

As the narrative unfolds, Ganesh is confronted with a crucial decision—choosing between his beloved Divya and his unwavering passion for direction. The story explores the intricate dynamics of love and ambition, revealing the choices one must make when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

The ensuing drama involves Ganesh's relationships with key characters, such as Mahesh's father (Kedhar Shankar), Divya's mother Kanakam (Jhansi), and friends like Bunty (Mahboob Basha), Kolatala Kamesh (Mahesh Achanta), Rocky (Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu), and the Village president Kali (Shatru). Each character brings a unique perspective to the unfolding events, adding layers to the narrative.

Amidst these complexities, the character Anu (Hebah Patel) enters the scene, playing a pivotal role in the proceedings. The interactions and reactions of these diverse characters shape the course of Ganesh's journey, making for a compelling storyline.

In essence, Alaa Ninnu Cheri explores the delicate balance between love and ambition, skillfully weaving a narrative that delves into the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of one's dreams. The film promises an engaging portrayal of the human experience, with each character contributing to the richness of the storyline.

Alaa Ninnu Cheri Movie: Artists Review

Dinesh Tej delivers a commendable performance in his role, seamlessly embodying the innocence, dedication, and passion of his character as he strives to achieve his goals. His expressions vividly convey the emotional journey of a romantic individual who later experiences heartbreak. Tej's dancing prowess shines through in the songs, and his dialogue delivery adds depth to his portrayal.

Payal Radhakrishna captivates audiences with her enchanting presence, exuding charm through her bubbly and cute demeanor. Her teasing expressions and magnetic allure make her a standout in the romantic sequences. However, it's noteworthy that her character seems to fade into the background in the second half, leaving audiences yearning for more of her captivating presence.

Hebah Patel brings authenticity to her role, seamlessly delivering dialogues in a Telangana accent and portraying the motivator character with precision. It's worth mentioning that despite her notable performance, some viewers might find it challenging to recognize her, considering her contrasting role in her debut film, "Kumari 21 F."

The supporting cast, including Mahesh Achanta, Jhansi, Khedar Shankar, Shatru, Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, and Mahboob Basha, contribute effectively to the film by staying true to their respective roles. Their performances add depth and authenticity to the overall narrative.

In summary, the cast, led by Dinesh Tej's expressive portrayal, Payal Radhakrishna's magnetic charm, and Hebah Patel's convincing performance, collectively contribute to the film's appeal. While each actor brings their unique strengths to the table, a more balanced presence of characters in the second half could have elevated the overall viewing experience.

Alaa Ninnu Cheri Movie: Technicians Review

Alaa Ninnu Cheri, crafted by Maresh Shivan, unfolds as a feel-good romantic entertainer which not only explores the essence of love but also delves into the power of one's passion for their profession. The narrative skillfully navigates the challenges of choosing between love and career, presenting a relatable conflict.

Despite the routine nature of the story, Maresh Shivan injects freshness into the film, especially in the first half, where he weaves a tapestry of youthful and romantic elements. The initial focus on developing the romance between the lead characters sets a positive tone. The second half takes a different trajectory, shifting toward motivating the protagonist and depicting his journey toward realizing his goals. The screenplay is well-structured, and the direction is concise, keeping the narrative on track.

However, the director's pursuit of commercial elements introduces a stumbling block. The inclusion of double entendre and obscene dialogues in the interactions, especially during the first half, veers off the intended path. This choice contradicts the film's promotion as a feel-good romantic entertainer, leaving viewers questioning the need for such content. Although the second half shows improvement in this aspect, occasional lapses reoccur with the insertion of an item song and more explicit dialogues.

The musical genius of Subash Anand shines through with beautiful and melodious tunes, complementing the film's romantic essence. The songs are thoughtfully placed and choreographed, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Andrew Babu's cinematography captures the scenic beauty of Visakhapatnam and its surroundings with authenticity, while Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing, though generally competent, occasionally allows the film's pace to lag.

In essence, Alaa Ninnu Cheri possesses the potential for a better cinematic outcome if the director had maintained a consistent focus on storytelling rather than succumbing to certain commercial elements. Despite its flaws, the film manages to deliver a heartfelt romantic narrative, backed by a compelling soundtrack and visually appealing cinematography.

Alaa Ninnu Cheri: Advantages

  • Dinesh Tej performance
  • Payal Radhakrishna glamor
  • Few Emotions
  • Songs

Alaa Ninnu Cheri: Disadvantages

  • Double meaning dialogues
  • Monotonous Elements

Alaa Ninnu Cheri Movie: Rating Analysis

Alaa Ninnu Cheri attempts to weave a familiar yet heartwarming romantic tale, led by the on-screen chemistry of Dinesh Tej and Payal Radhakrishna, with Hebah adding a motivational touch to the narrative. However, director Maresh Shivan's inclusion of commercial elements, coupled with double entendre dialogues seemingly aimed at pleasing the B and C centers, takes away from the film's potential.

While the core love story had the potential to shine, the lack of fine-tuning in the script and screenplay becomes apparent. The director's decision to prioritize certain elements over the overall cohesion of the narrative seems to have impacted the film's overall impact.

In light of these considerations, Cinejosh assigns a 2.25 Rating to "Alaa Ninnu Cheri." It's a recognition of the film's attempt at delivering a feel-good romantic experience, tempered by the missed opportunities for a more polished execution. With a more balanced approach to storytelling and a refined script, "Alaa Ninnu Cheri" could have achieved a higher cinematic rating.

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