Akshara Review

Akshara Review
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Director: Chinni Krishna
Producer: Cinema Hall Entertainments
Release Date: Fri 26th Feb 2021
Actors: Nandita Swetha
Akshara Rating: 1.75 / 5
Akshara Punchline: Lifeless

Akshara Review, What’s Behind?

Nandita Swetha played the lead role in the female centric message oriented film Akshara directed by Chinna Krishna who doesn’t have a proper hit till date. Let’s go into the actual review part to know whether the film has any substance to attract viewers!

Akshara Story Review:

Akshara (Nandita Swetha) joins a corporate school as a physics teacher and in no time she becomes a favorite for all the students. Her colleague Sri Teja (Sri Teja) falls in love with her and when he is about to propose her, she kills him. Why did Akshara kill her colleague? What’s the motive behind it? Why did she actually join the school?

Akshara Artists, Technicians Review:

Only honest attempt with in-depth emotions will connect when it comes to message oriented films. Even if one adds commercial elements, they are to be part of the story, but should not be included forcibly. Chinni Krishna’s idea of corruption in the education system is laudable, but the way he narrated was completely wrong. Nothing much works in first half where comedy sequences were incorporated forcibly. Although a message is conveyed in the second half, it lacked the emotional connect. Chinni Krishna fails as a writer as well as director. Music director Suresh Bobbili’s background score is loud and including songs in the film of the genre is other poor choice. Nagesh Banell’s camera work is not up to the mark, while Giduturi Satya’s editing is below par. Production values of Cinema Hall Entertainments are substandard.

Onto artists, Akshara is cool in the title role as a teacher. She looked pretty in traditional attire. Harsha Vardhan is remarkable in a crucial role. Sanjay Swaroop disappoints big time as main villain. Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh, Satya and Madhunandan batch botched to provide comic relief. Others were okay.

Akshara Review Advantages:

Few Scenes In Second Half

Akshara Review Drawbacks:

First Half

Boring Narration

Weak Writing

Very Predictable

Amateurish Making


Akshara Review Rating Analysis:

Although the film conveys a good message, it is ridden with clichés with a plotline that can be predicted from the very beginning. While the comedy kills the story to a certain extent, we don’t find anything to rejoice in the first half, though second half is somehow satisfactory.

The film begins with chairman of a corporate school receiving an award and blowing his school’s trumpet while a school topper jumps to her death from the school terrace. The suicide is definitely not due to any academic pressure, he claims and is later seen trying to hush up the case. Then comes Nandita Swetha as physics teacher who hates pressurizing students for ranks which is completely against the school’s system. In the meantime, comedy batch Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh, Satya and Madhunandan tests our patience with senseless comedy. Interval is not bang-on as Nandita shoots her colleague.

Second half begins on tedious note with Nandita Swetha killing a corrupt police officer and surrenders herself to police in twin murders in the city. A sub-plot traces the back story of the heroine but none of that emotionally moves us. Corporate schools roping in top rankers, using their names to cash in on admissions and then pressurizing them to shine; driving them to suicide hardly creates a shock value. The end to the story is also predictable.

All in all, Akshara is a below par film with minimal interesting elements. The film neither astonishes nor keeps you engaged. Even the technical team too fails to support the film. CJ goes with 1.75 star rating and there’s no question of this film surviving at box office!


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