Adurs Movie Review.

Adurs Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Adurs: T-agitation on one side, Sankranthi festive mood on one side, Kavitha’s challenge to obstruct the movie on one more side, Junior NTR fans await from nearly a year to watch him on screen…that is the huge hype on one more side, combination of Junior NTR – VV Vinayak for the third time…all in all it’s a multi dimensional interest which pulled many of the movie lovers to theatres with full josh.

In the Movie Adurs: Govindam (Tanikella Bharani), an orthodox Brahmin is eager to know the good news about his wife Kasturi (Rajyalakshmi)’s delivery. But it is for third time in a row that new borne is dead after the delivery. With help of Hospital nurse, Govindam’s mother replaces the dead new borne with other baby. This other baby is one among the twins who are delivered to adjacent poor pregnant lady Laxmi. Now both these twins are separated and the one who is with the Brahmin family is grown up as Narasimha Chari cutely called Chari (Junior NTR) and the other who grows with poor lady is turned as an undercover cop Narasimha (Junior NTR) working for Police Commissioner Naik (Sayaji Shinde).

As per the story, Chari works as Purohit with his guru Bhattu (Brahmanandam). Bhattu maintains the family of Chandrakala (Nayanathara) with intentions to marry her. Unfortunately Chandrakala loves Chari and this runs the entire comedy of first half. The second one Narasimha is loved by Naik’s sexy daughter (Sheela). Narasimha’s work is to steal the money from dons who collect money in the name of settlements. During these fightings and chases, Narasimha gets trapped in the hands of baddies Dhan Raj (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Baba (Mahesh Manjrekar) and scene is now shifted to Kolkata where in these bad boys maintain a huge mafia kingdom.

These baddies intentions are different as, they want Narasimha to meet his father Major Chandrashekhar (Naazar) who is assumed to be dead by his family. Chandrashekhar is kidnapped by Baba to accomplish his task of developing a revolutionary and deadly arms weapon which is operated by satellite. After seeing his father alive, Narasimha runs away from Baba and this makes villains to replace Narasimha by Chari in order to please Chandrashekhar to complete the deadly project.

To take revenge on Chari, Bhattu goes all the way to Kolkata which provides us fun and refreshment. One by on all the characters reach Kolkata and of course the villain’s house. Then it is a lot of entertainment from Raghu Babu and MS Narayana as assistants to Baba and Dhan Raj joined by Bhattu and Chari. How did Chari along with Narasimha bring their family out of these troubles forms the rest of the story.

Values of the Movie Adurs: Junior NTR, the energetic and dynamic young tiger is superb as Chari with his histrionics and voice modulation in dialogue delivery making the theatres go into laughs. The second role of Narasimha looked just an extension of “Kantri’ and is a cakewalk for young tiger. To our satisfaction, Junior NTR looked entirely in a different kind of characterization when compared to all his earlier movies. His dances and punches are routine, but when we are watching these on the screen after a long time…we are well satisfied with Junior NTR. Heroine Nayanathara is slim and sexy with beautiful smiles in the song of ‘Chandrakala.’ Sheela is glazing with shine and looked hot. Brahmanandam again steals the show, but you find nothing difference from his roles in Krishna, Ready or even the latest Kasko. MS Narayana, Raghu Babu, Ananth tried their share. Among the baddies Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde are just passable.

On the technical front VV Vinayak’s original touch was missing in total. He seems to have transformed himself into a comedy director by learning the knack of mixing right quantity of humor without disturbing the storyline. The characterizations of Chari and Bhattu prove that VV Vinayak has changed a lot. Story by Kona Venkat is age old one and dialogues are also just average except few comic punches. Camera work by Chota K Naidu once again excelled. Especially in the songs of ‘Chandrakala’ and ‘Shambho Shiva Shambho’, the grace was intact. Music by Devisri Prasad has done wonders to the movie. It was in the last title song that audience raised from their seats and started to dance. Hats off to Devi. Production values by Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsimohan are amazing.

Out of the Movie Adurs: Junior NTR after a gap of nearly one year has roared to the fullest with ‘Adurs’ but in different fashion. More than action and dances, Junior NTR impress with his Chari character. If Narasimha character was a regular one, Chari character is something that looks inspired from ‘Aparachithudu’ when it comes to dialogues and modulation. But, no comparisons when it comes to Junior NTR, he is awesome. The main drawback of the film is story and dialogues. Coming to story, it is all the same which we are seeing from age old black and white films. We have seen this kind of story in Hello Brother, Rowdy Alludu, Mugguru Monagaallu and many more. Strictly speaking ‘Adurs’ is a cocktail of many more stories but not a novel one. Dialogues could have been still better. Real punch of the comedy starts only in latter part of the second half. First half we feel just an average one while second half gives some refreshment packed with action.

After watching ‘Adurs’, one may feel that the perfect pack of emotion with entertainment and action which is trademark of VV Vinayak is missing with ‘Adurs’. All in all, it’s a show of Junior NTR and you won’t find the flavor of VV Vinayak anywhere except his appearance in first song. If hype and expectations on the movie are quantified on one side and the output of the movie is quantified on other side, there will be a good amount of imbalance. ‘Adurs’ is just a routine entertaining movie but Junior NTR’s presence made the difference.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Adurs: A regular movie in which only and only Junior NTR is Adurs.    


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