Adirindhi Review

Adirindhi Review
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Director: Atlee
Producer: Thenandal Films
Release Date: Thu 09th Nov 2017
Actors: Vijay
Adirindhi Rating: 3 / 5
Adirindhi Punchline: Pucca Commercial Film With Strong Social Issue

Adirindhi Review, What’s Behind:

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been making non-stop trails to strike big in Telugu market. His run away blockbuster Mersal crossed many hurdles to hit the Telugu states today as Adirindhi. Directed by Atlee and starring Kajal, Samantha and Nithya Menon in female leads with AR Rahman’s music, let us see what the film is all about.

Adirindhi Story Review:

Dr Bhargav (Vijay) and Magician Vijay (Vijay) create confusion while killing a famous yet corrupted doctor. As Police (Sathya Raj) begin their investigation, they catch Dr Bhargav for a questioning where a heart touching flashback of how poverty stricken lower class people are exploited by present medical system. 

Twist in the tale comes when Bhargav and Vijay come face to face to dig their past wherein their father Thalapathy (Vijay) and mother (Nithya Menon) are cheated by Dr Daniel (SJ Suryah). The whole plot turns into action based revenge as Bhargav, Vijay finish Dr Daniel addressing a big social issue of private medical sector playing with our lives. 

Adirindhi Artists, Technicians Review:

At first Atlee half succeeded by picking a plot that can be connected very well with audience of all sectors. The other half lied in penning a gripping screenplay without missing commercial ingredients added into treatment. With a star hero like Vijay on hand, Atlee took his narrative to all time high by injecting heart touching emotions at frequent intervals. Having picked a cue from mentors Shankar and Murugadoss, definitely Atlee excelled as a director packing a mass punch for viewers. When there is a seasoned screen writer like Vijayendra Prasad at disposal, there are many goose bumps which masses will enjoy thoroughly. Connecting auto driver character in the pre climax with hero’s revenge plot speaks of Vijayendra Prasad and Atlee’s expertise. Though it looks simple on screen yet connecting those loose ends differentiate an above average film from a hit film. Every frame set by cameraman GK Vishnu oozed in energy and expression while Editor Ruben gave a sharp, sleek and stylish cut. Stunts by Anala Arasu are a treat for frontbenchers with those slow-motion shots set a new benchmark. Songs though sounded average, it’s the exhilarating RR from Rahman increased the visual impact. Production standards from Thenandal Films are of the highest quality.

About performances, Vijay lived into three characters. All three are larger than life. As Thalapathy, he stole the second half while Vishnu, Bhargav look similar but presented differently. Kajal Agarwal, Samantha hasn’t got much to play except for romance and songs deviating from central theme. Nithya Menon is a stellar performer and one scene in Operation Theater is a sample for her skill test. SJ Suryah’s subdued villainy is exemplified with superb character etching and meaningful dialogue writing. Every word he spoke on the prevailing corrupt medical profession squeezing the blood of society is cent-percent true. Sathya Raj, Vadivel, Kovai Sarala, Surekha Vani and others struck to their characters.

Adirindhi Review Positives:







Background Music

Adirindhi Review Drawbacks:

Songs Placement

Second Half Lag

Predictable Plot 

Missed Nativity

Adirindhi Review, Rating Analysis:

Adirindhi is a commercial package with meaty substance. Atlee’s creative shades resemble that of Murugadoss’s Ramana (Tagore in Telugu) and Shankar’s Shivaji, Aparichithudu, Bharatheeyudu to larger extent. Blending two to three centrally proven revenge plots into one social theme is what’s special in Adirindhi.

Atlee begins first half with enormous hero elevation referring to detainment of Shah Rukh Khan, Kamal Hasan at international airports. Magician Vijay shoots Nationality dialogues inviting claps from masses. Immediately into love track, Kajal Agarwal is in and proceedings slow down. The one important magic show episode pickups the acceleration as it’s a murder scene. Sathya Raj and Vijay as Doctor Bhargav plant the seeds for other part of story with an eye wetting auto driver and his daughter’s episode pushing for SJ Suryah’s entry. Towards interval, dual roles of Vijay close the first half on thrilling note.

Second half is all about Dalapathy and his wife Nithya Menon’s huge flashback episode which had big lags. Apparently, this area of film becomes quite predictable pushing Adirindhi into a revenge backdrop film. Climax is though ritual, it’s the final message made lots of difference.

All in all, Adirindhi is a true commercial entertainer with prime focus on corruption in present medical system that holds the film together. Vijay can enjoy a good foothold in Tollywood with this film. Commercially, there is every chance for Telugu audience to welcome Adirindhi within a single word… CINEMA ADDIRINDI. CJ goes for 3 stars.

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