Adhugo Review

Adhugo Review
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Director: Ravi Babu
Producer: Suresh Babu
Release Date: Wed 07th Nov 2018
Actors: Abhishek Varma
Adhugo Rating: 1.25 / 5
Adhugo Punchline: Pig Shit

Adhugo Review, What’s Behind?

Ravi Babu, Suresh Babu being trusted names have come up with Adhugo made on shoe-string budget. Will this ‘piglet’ experiment give positive result because the film has generated good buzz for its VFX prior to release.

Adhugo Story Review:

Four different rowdy batches chase Bunty, a piglet raised by a teenager. All four have their respective personal benefits. Meanwhile, two love birds are stuck in the mess-up of these four rowdy gangs. Why these goons are after Bunty? Who will catch it in the end?

Adhugo Artists, Technicians Review:

Ravi Babu goes beyond results and is known for peculiar experimentation with different genres. Likewise, Adhugo too is a different film with story revolving around a piglet. Although plot sounds interesting on piglet, it's irritating screenplay coupled with senseless direction takes a heavy toll. Had the narration was amusing, at least kids would have enjoyed. But Ravi Babu handled the film so distasteful. Cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy is mediocre wherein music by Prashanth Vihari adds to list of negatives. Production values of Suresh Productions are below par.

Onto performances, Ravi Babu grabbed most of screen space penning major scenes on himself though his acting went overboard. Abhishek Varma is not a hero material and thankfully he has limited scenes. Nabha Natesh is gorgeous but barely has scope to show off her skills. No other artist will be remembered after coming out of theater. Thanks to the piglet which can't be called a character despite Rajendra Prasad lent the voice 

Adhugo Review Advantages:

Nothing Much

Adhugo Review Drawbacks:

Almost Everything

Adhugo Review, Rating Analysis:

Apparently, Ravi Babu’s intention was to target kids and families with Adhugo. A better screenplay and healthy entertaining elements  would have amused the target audience. Pathetic narration tests our patience from the word go till the end. CG work is appalling except for piglet portions.

Movie begins with a pig warning it's piglet not to cross the road narrating it's own story. Since then, we are made restless with introduction of lots of characters and purpose in chasing the piglet. Then romantic track of the lead pair was so boring. Interval bang will warn us to prepare for the second half torture as all the rowdy batches are desperate to catch the piglet.

Things slow down in second half with lots of chaos. However, couple of scenes where the piglet trouble rowdy gang will keep kids in laughs. Movie ends on happy note with Bunty reaching the boy who raised it.

All in all, Adhugo is a disgusting test for our patience. You can try this if you are willing to deal with anger management. If you are perfectly healthy, don’t try this one. CJ goes with 1.25 stars and the film may not recover even print costs.

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