Action 3D Review

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Action 3D Review
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Behind the Movie Action 3D: Rarely do we see Tollywood welcoming the technological revolutions happening in film making. Anil Sunkara, the passionate film maker for the first time risked a high budget to offer a 3D comic film to Telugu audience. Thus we see, ‘Action 3D’ today in theatres with a very big star cast. Let us see, how amusing is this fare?

In the Movie Action 3D: Story begins with Posani, a director and Sunil, an actor talking about making a film with good story. Sunil starts narrating the story of four close childhood friends Bava (Allari Naresh), Ajay (Kick Shyam), Shiva (Vaibhav) and Purushoththam (Raju Sundaram). All four are different in attitudes. While Bava wants to fulfill the dream of his dad to own the Rs.1 Crore hotel in Goa, Ajay’s marriage is on the cards with Maradalu (Sheena). Next, Shiva is a dentist in love with selfish doctor (Ritu Barmecha). Lastly, Purushoththam a big flirt is married to homely looking woman (Kamna Jethmalani).

To enjoy the Bachelor Party of Ajay, all four start their road trip to Goa and en-route Bava meets his dream girl Geetha (Neelam Upadhyaya). Though unsuccessful, Geetha sees just a naughty guy in Bava. After landing in the funky hotel room, they decide to have fun by forgetting the whole night drinking to their maximum. When they wake up next morning with hangover, strange things happen with a Tiger in Bathroom, Chick in the Hall, a cute looking infant in Trolley and a missing Ajay. 

What kind of good and bad mistakes did they commit on that mid night? Who kidnapped Ajay and Bokka (MS Narayana)? When did Shiva marry a bar dancer (Sneha Ullal)? Why did Local Don (Sudeep) and a Kidnapper gang enter into the story? All these form the rest of a happy climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Action 3D: With zero per cent creativity, director cum producer Anil Sunkara depended heavily on his DVD collection to bring the Telugu version of Hollywood hit film ‘Hang Over’ made into a Khichdi with other Bollywood films added to spice up. Right from first scene, audience who watched ‘Hang Over’ will feel this as a ruthless free-make. What makes ‘Action 3D’ new is the usage of 3D technology giving the depth dimension to 2D.

When there is an unwrinkled flow in narration, either 2D or 3D…patrons will enjoy equally. Of course, the wow factor of 3D can then become an added advantage. Unfortunately, Anil Sunkara gave a wrong shot with dead loose screenplay and flimsy direction in this comic effort. Here and there, the 3D effects offered some special experience but rest is a big mess. To speak on few more positives, MS Narayana’s spoof on Mahesh Babu, Siddharth and Pawan Kalyan is a bit tolerable. Then, conversations between Sudeep, Brahmi are okay. Full marks to Anil for grandeur and artistic sense (like K aghavendra Rao) showed in canning the songs filled with awesome visuals and oozing glamour of Neelam Upadhyaya.

Naresh was as usual into his basics. Raju Sundaram’s timing of one-liners generated few laughs. Kick Shyam has nothing to score and Vaibhav is good besides Sneha Ullal. Cameos of Sudeep, Sunil, Posani are just average. Heroines wise, only Neelam shined in songs while Sheena, Kamna, Ritu, Sneha have nothing to talk about. Brahmi, MS Narayana, 30 Years Industry Surya, Ali, Naazar, Master Bharath and remaining others have done the justice.

Proper screenplay, good dialogues, entertaining narration could have saved the day for Anil Sunkara and his brave experiment of introducing 3D to Telugu comedies would have got the justification. Now, ‘Action 3D’ whose length is almost 160 minutes became a dismal trial with none of the cards falling in place. Except the good 3D effects of Keith Driver, entire film falls flat. Especially, editing department totally failed to lift the falling patience levels of audience. Resultant is an exhausted film viewing experience which is promisingly forgettable. 

On the other hand, I also doubt on how far our metro and ‘A’ centre audience who already enjoyed the pleasure of watching 4D will rate this doctored 3D. More over, families attending with children to theatres shall be annoyed with mini bikinis and erotically shot songs. In fact, this could be a wrong combination of 3D with adult content when target sections are children and families thus deterring the overall business. Analysis wise, first half is a better show than second. If you are really dying to watch the level of brilliance our Telugu film makers can attain with new 3D technology, watch this movie else this is dull and you require big heart with fortitude to bear this curse.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Action 3D: The Third Degree Torture.

                                                           Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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