Achari America Yatra Review

Achari America Yatra Review
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Director: G Nageshwar Reddy
Producer: Padmaja Pictures
Release Date: Fri 27th Apr 2018
Actors: Vishnu Manchu
Achari America Yatra Rating: 1.75 / 5
Achari America Yatra Punchline: 1st Half Arachaka Yatra - 2nd Half Asthikala Yatra

Achari America Yatra Review, What’s Behind:

Combination of Manchu Vishnu and director G Nageshwar Reddy is promising enough as their last couple of films stood out hilarious hits. This time the much delayed AAY starring Pragya Jaiswal, Brahmanandam in main leads has hit the screens today. Let us see, is there anything in this film to enjoy the fun?

Achari America Yatra Story Review:

Krishnamachari (Vishnu Manchu) along with his mentor (Brahmanandam) and his priest team (Praveen, Prabhas Srinu) escape all the way to the USA when they are framed of false murder charges for killing a rich old man (Kota Srinivas Rao) while performing Homam. Goons of this rich old man’s successors (Pradeep Rawat, Raja Ravindra) chase Achari batch in the USA too. Twist is Achari is already in love with Kota’s granddaughter Renuka (Pragya Jaiswal) who is the only heir for Crores worth property. Renuka has a story behind and Achari is the only savior.

Achari America Yatra Artists, Technicians Review:

Writer Malladi Venkatakrishna Murthy and director G Nageshwar Reddy can be called a chuckle-some combination because both have a common penchant for penning and treating laugh worthy situations. However, AAY is a complete let down. Despite there is ample scope to include loads of fun in this form of beaten to death script, nowhere they have showed the mark. In fact, characterizations and contexts are so bland and weak that one feels of walking out from theater right from very first scene. With no lip sync in over the top dialogues, AAY disappointed to the core even on technical front. Apparently, there were few comedy tracks like that of Sathya Krishnan, Prudhvi, Surekha Vani forcibly inserted in middle but nothing worked. Camera work by Siddharth is just fine while editing department of MR Varma should take a part of sin. SS Thaman’s music is also the same lackluster. Production values of Padmaja Pictures can be called decent.        

Onto performances, Vishnu repeated the same Brahmin histrionics of Denikaina Ready yet again in an irregularly etched character. As there is no room to generate or ripe comedy, Vishnu failed to uphold the film. Except couple of fights and couple of songs, Vishnu has got nothing much to do. Pragya Jaiswal looked beautiful in half saris and entire story is twisted around her role. One more disastrous character selection for Brahmanandam and his romantic fantasies with Surekha Vani, Sathya Krishnan proved loathsome. Praveen and Prabhas Srinu were just ok. Pradeep Rawat, Thakoor Anup Singh, Posani, Raja Ravindra are crooked. Kota got a role of his age. Rest may not need a mention.

Achari America Yatra Review Advantages:

Literally Nothing

Achari America Yatra Review Drawbacks:

Obviously Everything

Achari America Yatra Review, Rating Analysis:

Even silly and brainless plots can make sense only when they pass our time and help audience to relax for a while. Vishnu, Nageshwar Reddy delivered two such films in the past but fell flat on nose in this third one. Except chases between the groups or performing Homam, there is complete vacuum in script. Every scene competes with the other to highlight stupidity in treatment and narrative. 

First half kick starts colorfully introducing us to Vishnu and his Achari batch. Immediately the focus shifts to Kota’s family where Homam is being held. Escape of Achari batch to USA and their early struggles roaming on streets, beaches was like a tourism visit. Entry of Thakur Anup Singh and his marriage with Pragya generate a little interest but fizzles in no time when Vishnu narrates the flashback to knock the interval bell when Pradeep Rawat, Vishnu take the dialogue punches.

Second half is open. Vishnu has to save Pragya and fulfill her wish of immersing Kota’s ashes (Asthikalu) in Varanasi. Once again, Vishnu and his Brahmin team take up Pragya, Thakur marriage responsibilities just to make them fools to run away with both girl and Asthikalu. One by one chase and wrongly placed songs builds frustration among audience to blast in climax.

AAY is a thoughtless film with zero fun or entertainment to enjoy. Forget the big names of comedy artists and hit credits in this hero-director combo; this is an agony for viewers to bear for more than 2 hours. All in all, this can be a safe escape in peak summer… else get ready to face the Anthima Yatra. CJ rates AAY with 1.75 stars.

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