Abhinetri Review

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Abhinetri Review
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Abhinetri Review, What’s Behind: Big names of Prabhu Deva, Tamanna, Sonu Sood along with Kona Venkat attached to a film definitely makes it look massive. Horror-Comedy genre is the most happening in current South cinema and ‘Abhinetri’ is released as a tri-lingual. Having tested so much in this genre, let us see how ‘Abhinetri’ is different from the rest?

Abhinetri Story: Directly into flashback mode, Krishna (Prabhu Deva) working in Mumbai for a corporate company dreams of marrying a posh English speaking girl to keep his social status on high. Under a few inescapable situations, an unhappy Krishna is made to marry village belle Devi (Tamanna). To hide Devi from colleagues and neighbors, Krishna moves to an old apartment in Mumbai suburbs where the actual problem starts. Devi starts behaving like Ruby (Tamanna). As Krishna tries to find who Ruby actually is, Devi gets into the attention of reigning Super Star Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood) who signs Devi as his next movie heroine. Why the dead soul of Ruby possessed Devi? What was Ruby’s ambition and why she committed suicide?

Abhinetri Artists and Technicians: Having seen numerous horror comedies in recent times, it would be a sin to expect something new more from Kona Venkat team.  Story from Paul Aron, AL Vijay hasn’t got any novel aspect to praise because their production partner and dialogue writer Kona Venkat juiced this genre to fullest in Telugu. The underlying trade motive of making ‘Abhinetri’ in three languages says it all. Screenplay lacked in sharpness. AL Vijay’s inexperience in dealing horror and comedy elements is clearly exhibited in many frames. Nevertheless, Vijay’s direction is also dull and ineffective most of the time depending on magnificent screen presence of his lead artists. Technically, Maneesh Nandan’s camerawork supported the film at all levels and top notch. Antony’s editing is very ordinary. Sajid Wajid’s music rocked. Chilla Maar song is the best of all and so is the BGM. One of the best part’s in film is VFX. Production values from MVV Satyanarayan and Kona Film Corporation are above average.        

About performances, Tamanna balanced two characters wonderfully. First as an apprehensive, faint hearted Devi and then completely contrasting, wannabe cine star Ruby. One more time, Tamanna’s spectacular dances are worth clapping. Prabhu Deva returned to acting after a gap. His character got ample scope to generate humor for being sandwiched between innocent wife and evil soul. Scenes in combination of Sonu Sood and Prabhu Deva generated laughs. Sapthagiri’s presence besides Prabhu Deva enhanced the comic quotient. Prudhvi is wasted. Among the rest Hema, Shakalaka Shankar and others made their presence.



Prabhu Deva


First Half






Second Half


Abhinetri Rating Analysis: Every regular Telugu cinema lover is well acquainted with horror comedies. For Tamil or Hindi audience, ‘Abhinetri’ might sense like a special film with distinct narrative but for Telugu audience, Trisha failed few weeks back with a similar tinged ‘Nayaki’ and now Tamanna. The basic reason behind dead soul coming back to life fulfilling the wish of becoming a heroine and a star is common for both. Difference for ‘Abhinetri’ is its high production cost, presence of star faces, visual grandeur and technical strength else the essence is almost the same which we observed and reported during teaser times.

First half kicks on interesting note in flashback mode from Mumbai. Entry, establishment of Prabhu Deva and meeting Tamanna in village leading to marriage happen on predictable lines. These portions really aren’t boring because chemistry between these two worked. Coming back to Mumbai and occupying an apartment has thrown enough hints on rest of story. Once Prabhu Deva finds about Ruby’s soul, interval made the only lock open wide. 

An unexciting, predictable second half had few hilarious moments between Prabhu Deva, Tamanna; Prabhu Deva, Sonu Sood and Sapthagiri. Adopting an emotional climax for horror subject went wrong on the part of AL Vijay as pre climax, climax suffered heavily. 

In totality, ‘Abhinetri’ is a film worth watching only for lead artists but not for horror or thrilling moments. Though comedy provides relief here and there, even this isn’t up to the mark. CJ goes for average rating of 2.5 tars for spick and span presentation. Box Office wise, alone Tamanna can pull fewer crowds for festive holiday season.

Abhinetri Cinejosh Verdict: A Simple Film.

                                                         Abhinetri Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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