Abhimanyudu Review

Abhimanyudu Review
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Director: PS Mithran
Producer: Vishal
Release Date: Fri 01st Jun 2018
Actors: Vishal
Abhimanyudu Rating: 2.75 / 5
Abhimanyudu Punchline: Breaks Padmavyuham

Abhimanyudu Review, What’s Behind:

Vishal is known for attempting concept based films. At the same time, actress Samantha is also in full form with back to back hits. Abhimanyudu which was released in Tamil as Irumbu Thirai was a super hit there. Will this film impress Telugu audience as well? Let us get into the review part…

Abhimanyudu Story Review:

Karuna (Vishal) is a Major in the Indian Army with anger management issues. Situations force him to submit fake documents to secure loan from a bank. Soon after the loan amount is deposited in account, entire amount vanishes. Then, Karuna knows about India’s one of the biggest problems, cyber crime. How he catches a genius hacker white devil (Arjun), who’s behind all the cyber crimes? How he puts an end to white devil and his network? 

Abhimanyudu Artists, Technicians Review:

PS Mithran made his directorial debut with Abhimanyudu, a subject that deals with the interesting point of cyber crime. Given the recent controversial incidents such as of Ukrainian power stations attacked by Russian hackers and Aadhaar Card data leaks, the theme of Abhimanyudu that is around cyber crime instantaneously makes it persuasive. 

One dialogue on how banks are un-inclined to provide loans for normal people and how loan agents harass middle class people on small amounts and let big fishes like Vijay Mallaya to run away and how Aadhaar Card might be used as a weapons shows the immense depth of research and homework done by Mithran. Every aspect in the film will surely connect with audience and demand a reaction.  Well done… both writing, direction departments for handling such contemporary element with so much of conviction. 

Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score is quite effectual though songs are just okay. George Williams's cinematography is substantial. Editor Ruben should have chopped few boring and unwanted sequences in first half.

About performances, Vishal shined superbly as army officer with anger management issue. This character reminds us of Allu Arjun’s character in Naa Peru Surya. Nonetheless, Vishal made it look different with his splendid performance. Vishal’s character appears remarkable, ever since he starts taking on Arjun in second half. 

Arjun is definitely the show stealer albeit makes entry only during pre-interval bang. We don't even see his face in first half but we can easily sense his presence in most of the scenes, thanks to the impact he created with this exceptional screen presence. 

Samantha looked gorgeous and got sufficient space. Delhi Ganesan who played Vishal’s father character was good. Other artists were decent.

Abhimanyudu Review Advantages:

Thrilling Plot

Vishal – Arjun Conflict

Second Half

Abhimanyudu Review Drawbacks:

First Half


Lack Of Entertainment

Abhimanyudu Review Rating Analysis:

Abhimanyudu is definitely a unique film with though provoking subject of cyber crime. In fact, we casually give our complete identity details to people in shopping malls and other places when marketing persons approach us with bumper offers and gifts. We blindly fill the documents with a hope of winning a prize for free. But, it’s a big mistake here. Indirectly we are submitting ourselves to cyber hackers who utilize this data to empty even our bank accounts. So, theme of PS Mithran and Abhimanyudu has so much of contemporary relevance that makes film really special.

First half of Abhimanyudu mainly focuses on Vishal’s characterization. Anger management angle can be dealt still better while director concurrently briefed Vishal’s personal life and cyber crime incidents with decent screenplay. Linking of few important scenes such as a borrower’s father and a loan collection agent with nil sympathy or Vishal being forced to take a loan though narrated slowly but acceptable. Clash between Vishal and his father is precisely depicted. Tense interval block spices up things after a relaxed first half.

However, movie turns interesting and pace too intensifies in second half. Ever since Vishal and Arjun meet, movie never slows down. Director cleverly infused high points. Trapping White Devil’s gang, tracking their place with help of Samantha are high moments. In fact, Vishal’s character strengthens only after he chooses the same path to battle with Arjun. Pre-climax and climax sequences are also appealing making Abhimanyudu an appreciable attempt.

All in all, Abhimanyudu is worth a watch for thriller movie lovers. Though first half is little tedious, second half makes it an interesting watch. Vishal and Arjun excelled in their respective characters. Conflict between these characters is main USP and CJ goes with 2.75 star rating just for the way Mithran presented whole theme so beautifully.


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