Abbai Class Ammai Mass Review

Abbai Class Ammai Mass Review
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Behind the Movie Abbai Class Ammai Mass: Hero Varun Sandesh and heroine Hari Priya formed a hot pair for this romantic flick directed by debutant Koneti Srinu. With nothing going great in Varun’s career, let us see what kind of change Hari Priya can bring?

In the Movie Abbai Class Ammai Mass: Story begins with young guy Sri (Varun Sandesh) visiting the central jail to meet the to-be-released prisoner Neeru (Hari Priya). When Sri’s friend (Vennela Kishore) questions on the whereabouts of Neeru, thus comes the flashback. Sri is a shy, introverted young entrepreneur bought up by his grand ma (Sri Lakshmi). In one critical situation, entrepreneur Sri suffering with losses of his company is made to bend before businessman KK (Ahuthi Prasad). To be saved, Sri has to marry KK’s daughter Anjali and the deal is accepted.

However, Sri’s friend Hrishikesh (Srinivas Reddy) hires prostitute Neeru (Hari Priya) on a 10 day contract to shape Sri into a perfect gentleman. In the process, Neeru falls for the charm of Sri and his humanity. In fact, they are also made to travel for Goa on assignment. Problems begin when a contract killer Das (Kasi Vishwanath) is behind Neeru. What happened next? What is the connection between Neeru and Das? Whom did Sri actually marry? All these form the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Abbai Class Ammai Mass: Debutant director Koneti Srinu is highly inspired from a couple of Hollywood and Bollywood movies to begin this kind of a project. However, there is a basic necessity called Screenplay to run two hours plus length of a movie which he seems to have completely forgotten. Movie begins on a shocking note but goes on losing the grip as it progresses to interval. It is the comedy timing of Srinivas Reddy saved the audience before going out for a tea. God alone knows where Varun Sandesh learned these acting skills. Before the screen presence of Hari Priya, our hero is completely drowned away. To be more specific, Hari Priya has driven the major portions of film and she is a superb mix of oomph oozing glamour with an expressive face. Srinivas Reddy, Ali stood better than others. Ahuti Prasad, Sri Lakshmi, Kasi Vishwanath were just okay.

Technicalities wise, Sai’s cinematography was rich while Praveen Pudi’s editing lacked the sharpness. Scenes go on and on with no purpose. Dialogues are vague with no situational significance. Thanks to Sekhar Chandra’s musical score which provided some relief. In totality, alone the production’ values of Lakshman Cine Visions are better then the output given by its team members. How a producer who handed a sensible film like ‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham’ has clinched this bland project?

Coming to Varun Sandesh, this movie will push him further into deep annoyance while Hari Priya can feel a bit of respite. For others (including audience), ‘ACAM’ is senseless, pointless and useless.         

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Abbai Class Ammai Mass: Movie Trash Varun Sandesh Smash

                                             Cinejosh Rating: 1.5 

                                                          Reviewed By Srivaas

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