Aatagallu Review

Aatagallu Review
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Director: Paruchuri Murali
Producer: Vaasireddy Ravindra, Vaasireddy Sivaji and Vaddapu
Release Date: Fri 24th Aug 2018
Actors: Naara Rohith
Aatagallu Rating: 2 / 5
Aatagallu Punchline: Thalapotugallu

Aatagallu Review, What’s Behind:

Nara Rohit is experimenting with different genres and most of his experiments turned futile. Teamed with Paruchuri Murali for a crime thriller Aatagallu, the film also has Jagapathi in important role. Will this movie provide a much needed break for Rohit? Let’s go into actual review part.

Aatagallu Story Review:

Siddharth (Nara Rohit) is a star director, arrested for allegedly murdering his wife Anjali (Darshana). A sincere and honest public prosecutor Veerendra (Jagapathi Babu) takes up the case and proves Siddharth as innocent. After Siddharth is vacated from jail, Veerendra explores many more shocking facts about the case. What are they? Who is the real culprit in Anjali’s murder? What is the motive behind? Who wins the battle among two intelligent people is rest.

Aatagallu Artists, Technicians Review:

Aatagallu is a tedious courtroom drama mixed with silly crime. It is a mindless game between talented filmmaker and a senior advocate. Paruchuri Murali is largely inspired from Korean or other foreign language film to make Aatagallu which lacked exciting elements. He failed utterly in all the departments including story, screenplay writing and direction. Nowhere do we involve into narrative because it's inconvenience everywhere. Vijay C Kumar camera blocks are old-school. Sai Karthik’s music is big drawback. Had editor worked sincerely, runtime would have been less saving our souls. Production values are below standard. 

Onto artists, Nara Rohit appeared like a newcomer. Jagapathi Babu dominated him throughout first half wherein both gave their best in second half when actual story is opened. Darshana is not a heroine material. Neither she looked gorgeous nor did she outplay with her performance. Brahmanandam is a torture in lengthy role. Subbaraju is decent as police officer and Tulasi is regular as prime suspect’s mother. Other artists played their parts.

Aatagallu Review Advantages:

Hardly Any 

Aatagallu Review Drawbacks:

Almost Everything 

Aatagallu Review Rating Analysis:

Courtroom dramas are a challenge because every scene should be fresh, convincing and logical. However, Aatagallu lacked novelty in all the departments of narration. None of the court scenes were appealing. In fact, motive of heroine’s murder is so stupid.

First half begins on boring note and our wait for narration to pick will take longer, in fact too longer until film comes to end. In between, Aatagallu is filled with many ignorant and purposeless scenes which will test our patience levels. Even, interval block where other shade of Rohit is shown is not all exhilarating.

Agony multiplies exponentially in second half ever since Jagapathi Babu runs on case to find actual facts in Anjali’s murder case. His attempts to threaten Rohit are full of TV serial material. Rohit realizing all of sudden and revealing truths in his wife’s murder is just meant to find a conclusion.

All in all, Aatagallu is a mindless film with countless negatives. Except Jagapathi Babu, none of the artists or technicians hardly created any impact. Even if you are a hard core thriller movie enthusiast, skip this one. CJ goes with 2 star rating.

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