Aatadukundam Raa Review

Aatadukundam Raa Review
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Aatadukundam Raa Review, What’s Behind: Sushant is never rated and recognized as a hero material till date in film industry despite made three to four movies in a lengthy career. Director G Nageshwar Reddy is a minimum guarantee comedy specialist. So, their combination is considered as safe and secure. Let us see, how far they played this game to win?

Aatadukundam Raa Story: Ananda Rao (Anand) and Vijay Ram (Murali Sharma) are good friends and business partners. They get separated due to some differences created by third party. Into present after 26 years to their friendship breakup enters NRI Karthik (Sushant), nephew to Vijay Ram. Though Vijay Ram doesn’t like Karthik or his family, there’s a strong mission behind Karthik stepping in India to unite the old friends Ananda Rao and Vijay Ram. In the process, Karthik also falls in love with Vijay Ram’s daughter Shruti (Sonam Bajwa). How Karthik cleared the misunderstandings between Ananda Rao and Vijay Ram is rest.

Aatadukundam Raa Artists and Technicians: Before entering into the theater, one basic area I made my mind is director Nageshwar Reddy would at least offer me some safe comedy bits as it worked bits and pieces in his last flick ‘Edo Rakam Ado Rakam.’ However, he proved me entirely wrong within 10 to 15 minutes into the narrative. While the fundamental disadvantage lied in selecting a storyline as old as Aravalli mountain range, never Nageshwar Reddy thought of giving it a right direction with properly written screenplay. One would wonder if I call there’s something called screen writing. Right from penning the lead characters to supporting ones, everywhere there is disorientation. Writing department from Sreedhar Seepana is far more barbaric failing to generate any emotion. I was really shocked, how Nageshwar Reddy dropped his standards to such lowest level? Dasarathi Shivendra’s camera work made the visuals to look rich and nothing more. If Goutham Raju applied minimum logic and maximum brain, he would have chopped the whole cinema on editing table. Anup Rubens; nowhere he showed a quality mark either background or main score for songs. Production standards of Sree Nag Creations are only a respite.

About artists, Sushant is still an undernourished hero. He hasn’t showed any heroic traits, either in dialogue delivery or emotional excellence or romance or even comedy and action, dances. The only area he scored marks is on styling. But, this isn’t enough for a film to stand on its own. Heroine Sonam Bajwa is pulpy and hasn’t got any scope to perform except exposing the skin. Romantic chemistry between hero and heroine is half baked and unpleasant. Murali Sharma and Anand were sincere and respectful. While Posani is just ok, Vennela Kishore and Brahmanandam as Girija Rao are a complete let down. Rather than spoofing the star heroes and their hit films as an artist, Prudhvi entertained to an extent as a director directing these spoofs. Chaitu and Akhil cameos are dismally executed. Among the rest Raghu Babu, Rama Prabha and others just made their presence for name sake.

Aatadukundam Raa Rating Analysis: When Srinu Vytla and Kona Venkat have realized their mistake of letting their stories, scripts go into a regular template designed by them on own, how can Nageshwar Reddy and Sreedhar Seepana think of rehashing a formula juiced to the core? Keeping the story on secondary importance, Nageshwar Reddy tried to add useless and senseless comedy threads like Time Machine, Money Transfer etc which were not only in non-sync with story but also tested the patience of audience. While the script had some scope to ripen family drama and sentimental emotions, director simply lifted his hands up throwing the whole idea into a dustbin. This rather shows the dishonesty and discomfort levels they had with the script and artists.

Analyzing the two halves, I can rate first half as a better show with something moving on story front and artists creating an impact with a tired and tested treatment. After a lackluster interval bang, second half hasn’t got any matter to run the complete two hours plus length movie. So, director assigned audience to go a suicidal time machine with his creative thinking at peaks leaving the logics to air. 

All in all, ‘Aatadukundam Raa’ is a horrible film missing in elements. Sushant’s humiliation can be understood. He should first learn the intricacies involved in selecting a strong script and dependable director. How long the time gaps may be, till then we can’t consider him a hero. Cinejosh rates the movie 1.75 stars. Commercially, we have one more dud for the week.           

Aatadukundam Raa Cinejosh Verdict: Don’t Play With Our Lives!

                                                Aatadukundam Raa Cinejosh Rating: 1.75/5.0 

                                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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